Review: Clarins Tonic Body Polisher!

Do you ever try to love a product even though you know it’s not giving you what you need? You really inflate the pro’s of the stuff, because the con’s are so annoying, you’re sorry you picked it up in the first place? Enter this body scrub.
This scrub is filled with essential oils, and smells like something straight out of a spa in France. When used in the shower, it will infuse your bathroom with the smell, and I have to say, I’m a fan. The first time I smelled this product, I hated it. But the more I smelled it, the more I started to enjoy that earthy, essential oil smell. Almira quickly fell in love with this scrub, and has gone through maybe 4 even 5 jars. I picked one up, and the first time I used it, I knew it wasn’t for me. I am someone who loves to exfoliate. All the time. Everywhere. And this scrub just doesn’t have enough grit to it. You scoop a handful out to use it, and as soon as it hits the skin, it’s already melted into an oily mess. I’ve even tried it on dry skin, and had the same problem. It just doesn’t get the job done. It will also leave quite an oily film on your body, which isn’t great if the reason for your aggressive exfoliating is to prep for self-tan. Your tan will be splotchy and uneven because of the oil this leaves behind. I have since been using this only with a pair of exfoliating gloves on, and although it makes it better, it’s still not good enough to repurchase. This retails for $50.00 CAD, and was not worth it in my opinion. I will consider the shower gel that comes in the same scent, and the scent is lovely, and I will finish the product until it’s gone based on smell alone. If I had to recommend a good body scrub right now, I recently finished up a Vichy one that will be in my next empties post. It has both mechanical and chemical exfoliation properties, and it left my skin baby smooth.

Have you guys tried this scrub? I wanted to love it so badly!


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One comment

  1. This post makes me wanna cry. 😦 I’m sorry we disagree but I think maybe I didn’t care about the film that it left because it made me feel like I didn’t need to put moisturizer on afterwards… Also I don’t selftan so I didn’t experience the same problem. The thing that makes me want to repurchase this product over and over again is the smell, I know that’s a ridiculous excuse for buying a 50 CAD product but it really reenergizes me! 🙂 I do agree that there are better, finer, grittier scrubs out there. Maybe this one just really reminds me of the times mom and I are in the spa back home so it’s special to me 🙂 I’ll take yours if you can’t finish!


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