Favorite Alert: Caudalie Hand Cream!

I used to be someone who laughed at hand creams. I thought they were basically hyped up body lotions, put into much smaller tubes, and retailed for more money per ounce. Well, I am eating my words as I write this post. Now don’t get me wrong … I have used hand creams in the past that I have liked. Clarins makes a nice one, and Almira had a Soap and Glory one in her car for years, that we used all the time (and it seemed to never die … I think she still has that hand cream!) All of those were fine, but not something that I missed, and both were borderline too fragrant for me.

Now, some history on my hands. Working as a Makeup Artist, I am constantly sanitizing, and washing my hands. Mix that in with my dermatitis that loves to appear between my fingers, and it is a recipe for disaster.

So last December, Danah and I were shopping at Sephora, and a $15.00 Caudalie set caught our eye. It had an awesome selection of their products, from their cult favorite Beauty Elixir, to their lip balm (which I actually ended up using as an eye cream oddly enough …) But what really drew me in was the Hand and Nail Cream. As soon as I started using this, and carrying it around in my purse, my hands completely changed. No dry patches, no flakes, no cracks … It was seriously life changing. No more severe burn when I use hand sanitizer, because my hands are smooth, and always hydrated. It also has made a huge difference in my nails. Mainly my cuticles, and I am starting to think it’s the reason I have been dabbling into nail polish so much lately. I loved that cream so much, that Danah gave me hers from her kit, and Almira was sweet enough to buy me the full size, which retails for $17.00 CAD.

If you have any issues with dry hands or brittle cuticles, do yourself a favor, go to your door with your most comfortable shoes on, and RUN (not walk) to your nearest Sephora. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It also won the 2014 Elle Award for best hand cream!

Have you guys tried this!?


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