Top 10 Beauty Products under $10.00!

This could quite possibly be my favorite blog post/video to watch from other people. Well known fact: Makeup is not cheap. Especially when you factor in how much I shop for it. It is not known to be super affordable, but as always, there are some loopholes. These are 10 of my absolute must have products that retail under $10.00!

1.) Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes: I have the Petal Pusher palette pictured here, but Comfort Zone is also one of my must haves. These things retail for $4.99 at Wal-Mart, and they can seriously compete with some of my high end shadows.

2.) NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny: I think this one makes it on everyone’s 10 under ten list. This bronzer is not muddy nor is it orange on my fair skin. It gives such a warmth to the skin, and never looks cakey. I love it, and it is a staple in my collection.

3.) Essence Clear Lash and Brow Gel: This clear gel works even better than the Anastasia one for me. It isn’t too wet, it dries quickly, and doesn’t leave you feeling like you have concrete on your eyebrows throughout the day. Retailing at $2.99, it just can’t get any better than that, especially given how often you repurchase brow gel, simply because it get’s brown and gross!!

4.) Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipsticks: I only have two of these, and they are a new obsession. These retail for under $3.00 at Wal-Mart, and I will probably be buying a new shade every time I go! (Who can resist at that price!) These are a slightly dry formula, but are not drying on the lips, and still feel comfortable without the need of a balm or a gloss.

5.) Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash (Pistachio Cream with Magnolia): This one may seem a little silly, but I recently started using this, and I have never gotten so many compliments on how I smell. All of the fragrances I have, and this has already surpassed the compliments. It lingers on the skin, but not in a perfume-y headache way. Smell this in store if you haven’t already. I am so in love with it!

6.) ELF Studio Brow Kit: This brow kit retails for $3.00, and it can seriously hold it’s own against some high end competitors. I actually prefer this kit to many other brands. The brush that comes with it is garbage, but I can totally overlook that. The wax is awesome, and the color of the powder is a cool color, not too warm, which is a common problem that I have with brow powders!

7.) Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eyeliner: These eyeliners are great. They go on super smooth, they have great pigment, and they stay in place. The color range is awesome, and I am so glad they made a nude color to work with in the waterline (Or to outline your brows with!) They retail for $7.99, but go on sale all the time for as low as $3.99!

8.) Essence Silky Touch Blush: These blushes sell for $2.99, and if I was to use one in a blind test, I would never guess that it was so inexpensive. A lot of people talk about the Wet n’ Wild blushes, but for me, those are almost too pigmented. I am usually rushing when I do my makeup, and I don’t have time to remember to be super careful when dipping my brush in a product. I like to get in there, get it done, and get out the door. That’s exactly what this blush gives me. Awesome finish, great staying power … All around a winner!

9.) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish: This nail polish is by far my favorite formula in the drugstore. It lasts forever on me, it’s never streaky, and if I have to, I can get away with one coat. My only complaint with them is that they don’t have a selection of nude or more natural polish shades. But for the bright toe colors I am looking for, these get it done at under $4.00.

10.) Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: I didn’t originally want to put this in here, as I talk about it all the time, and it’s a no brainer for me. But, when I got to the last one, all the other products that I was optioning, just weren’t as good as this. This shade in particular is incredible. Not crazy about the other shades oddly enough …


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