Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Primer Balms!

If you follow me on Instagram, you more than likely know from my Face of the Day posts, that I am currently using two primer balms on my skin. Both have nearly identical ingredients, look similar, and claim to do the same thing. And as always, very different prices!
Stila and Covergirl. I have been using these on my skin for weeks now, and finally feel like I have a strong enough opinion to write this post. There are some definite pros and cons to both products -so lets get into it!

Stila comes in a 0.29oz package, for $39.00 CAD. It has sleek packaging, and includes a mirror, and a sponge for application. This stuff has a great texture, and finishes to that silicone, silky feeling that women are usually looking for when using a product like this.

Covergirl sells for around $12.00 CAD and comes in a 0.42oz package. It does not come with a mirror, and it does offer a sponge, but nowhere to put it! It really doesn’t seem to set on the skin. I find myself blending and blending, and it just never seemed to get to that powdery soft finish like the Stila did.

I tested people on this product daily, and every single time except once, people who didn’t know what product was on what side, thought that the cover girl side looked better. I personally couldn’t see a difference, and found them both to wear so similarly throughout the day.

Both products seem to work very well to touch up on shine throughout the day. Both will blot you down and refresh your skin without looking cakey or feeling greasy.

This Fancy vs Frugal is really a toss up. If a mirror and a housed sponge are must haves for you, the Stila provides that. But for much less, the Cover Girl seems to do the same job. I’d say if you’re interested in this type of product, give the Cover Girl a try first.

I can see a difference in the size of my pores with both of these products, however I almost feel like my makeup breaks down faster with them. As a primer, I would say take a pass!

In all honesty, as a pore filler, Benefit’s Porefessional works much better for me, but the compact form was awesome for in my purse.

Have you guys tried either of these??

Have a great day!



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