Marc Jacobs Starlet Eyeshadow Palette!

So I caved and bought a Marc Jacobs shadow palette. Not shocking since my self-control in cosmetics is legendarily lacking. The shock can be found in which one I bought. I have been coveting The Lolita since Sephora has started carrying Marc Jacobs. I visit it, I swatch it, I smile lovingly at it, but I always leave it where I found it. My problem with it has been that I have a boat load of neutral shadow palettes, and I haven’t hit pan on a single shade in a single one. Even I, the self-proclaimed junkie of all things pretty and well packaged, couldn’t justify the purchase. I’m telling you this because I need to explain my tunnel vision. I didn’t even swatch the others. Now, Sephora has moved The Starlet palette to the center of the display and I’m hoping that isn’t why I finally noticed it….. I’m likely lying to myself. The end result is the same. I saw it, swatched it and was instagramming my Sephora bag within minutes.

The nitty gritty of The Starlet Palette comes down to the actual performance of the shadows. I can be blinded by packaging and sometimes a bit forgiving of performance because of it. This palette however is a dream. I’m not trained in cosmetics, barely know how to do a lot of looks and sometimes make excuses about my eye shape to justify my failed attempts. That being said, this palette is so easy. The right amount of pigmentation allows you to blend effortlessly and control the look. I can’t explain to you how much I love this thing. Everything just works, the colors are such a fun mix. This was one of the reasons why this came home with me when Lolita stayed. I don’t have anything like these, they’re different from anything found in a typical neutral palette but still aren’t alarming purples and scary pinks.
Final note….. Due to my success with The Starlet, my lust for Lolita has only increased. I’m well on my way to instagramming another Sephora bag with another MJ palette.

Have you guys bought any of the Marc Jacobs Palettes? I need to know everything …






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