Tag Wednesday: The Lip Product Addict TAG!

I saw Fleur de Force doing this tag on Youtube, and it immediately spoke to me. Lip products are usually what every makeup lover has the most of, due to their diverse color and texture selection. And, they are one of the most affordable products when it comes to makeup. Depending on your knowledge of makeup history, you might be familiar with something called “The Lipstick Effect” This is referring to times that were extremely hard on the economy (like the Great Depression!) In the US from 1929 to 1933, industrial production was down less than half, but sales of cosmetics rose. This kind of history story amazes me. The reason that cosmetics were able to hold on, was simply the cost. People couldn’t afford cars, or fancy things for their homes. But women would still flock to cosmetic counters to get a tube of their favorite colored lipstick to cheer them up. Enough history, but you get the point. A junkie is a junkie, no matter the era, or the financial state!

Anyways- there are 8 questions total for this tag, without more rambling, lets jump in!

1.) Favorite Balm/Treatment?
The Clarins lip balm, made ever so famous by Lupita at this year’s Oscars has been my favorite for a long time. I was so excited when I saw her whip out that little blue tube. Clarins had a huge shortage of the balms after that aired … talk about advertising. Now that Lupita is the face of Lancome, I am sure you won’t see her with it anymore! I also like the Creme de Rose lip balm by Dior, but I don’t like to put my fingers in my lip balm… so Clarins it is!

2.) Best Eye Catching Red?
This is a new love of mine, but it is strong. The Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in Icon is incredible. I can wear these for hours before I start to see any wear, and when I do, it’s easily topped up without looking cakey. They feel sticky when swatched, but are comfortable on the lip. Dry enough for you to know they aren’t going anywhere, but comfortable enough to not be topped with a gloss.

3.) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore?
My YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks will always win best luxury. These lipsticks are so creamy, so smooth, and the packaging alone is a reason to buy them. They are seriously like a piece of jewelry. For drugstore, I love the Maybelline color elixirs. They have been a huge staple in my day to day makeup lately. Awesome color range, and the formula is amazing.

4.) Best MAC lipstick?
I am not a huge fan of MAC lipsticks. There, I said it. I have so many of them, and I am always trying to find one that I love, but they come very rare. One that I am loving lately though is Candy Yum Yum. I won’t lie, I bought it just to say I had it, but I put it on one night when Sabah and I were having some wine, and it’s now kind of a big thing for me. I will be trying some more of the MAC matte formulas, maybe those will be winners for me.

5.) The most disappointing?
Too Faced Lip Injections! I got my first one in my “A few of my favorite things” palette over the holidays, and I was so excited to see such a wearable nude color included in the kit. I put the lip product on first thing, and I am telling you, it was like actual bees were stinging my lips. (Irony – the shade is called Bee Sting) Once I got over the burning sensation, I noticed that the lip product actually made my lips peel. I went back to it a few times because I love the color so much, but after the same results, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Also, dis-honorable mention for disappointment… I also don’t like the EOS lip balms. They dry my lips out, and also make them peel.

6.) Liner – yes or no?
I am kind of on both sides of the fence with this one. I love the way that liners extend the wear of your lip product, and how they define the cupid’s bow, and I always use them on brides. I think clear lipliners can be very helpful for women who find their lip color bleeds outside of their lip line … but on a day to day basis, I never use them. They are just one extra step I usually don’t have time to take.

7.) Best Gloss?
This one has to go to Clarins as well. Their Gloss Prodige line is phenomenal. They have awesome pigment, the applicator is great, they aren’t offensively sticky, and they smell amazing.

8.) Something Extra!
Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator. This product is not raved about enough. It is $3.00, tastes great (that matters to me in a lip exfoliator!) and it really does the job. Anytime my lips feel a bit dry, I will buff them with this product, follow with a generous amount of balm, and my flakes are gone in no time. For the price, everyone should have one of these on hand!

I tag all of you beauty vloggers/bloggers out there to do this, and let me know if you do because I am dying to read your answers!


Have an awesome day guys!




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