Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks!

So there I was in Sephora, as seems to be a Saturday afternoon ritual, when I saw them…… the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks. Have you seen this packaging!?!?!?! And the price? $19? Sara and I literally flagged down someone who worked there and asked them why they were so cheap (She didn’t know, in fact she didn’t know they were even there because they had just arrived that morning). Products from prestige lines with anything besides a sharpener with prices starting with a 1 is basically unheard of. Obviously I bought two. I will likely end up with the whole line. I swatched these in store and I was pleasantly surprised with their smoothness and colour. There are very few products I think are pretty universal for everyone **cough Bioderma cough** but these are great and are fitting for anyone for the price tag and did I mention the beautiful packaging? Do yourself a favor and grab one or all of these, talk about a purse proud product.

Slight after note…. The packaging seems to be like a hard cardboard. Definitely not plastic so I’d be careful with getting them wet. I could be wrong but I’d hate for your pretty floral container to have a run in with your makeup remover.
Also do yourself a favor…. When you’re visiting the lipsticks check out the liners. Tarte why are you attacking my bank account you wonderful wretch?




    1. They’re just so beautiful. And I love the idea of cardboard packaging. It clearly affected the price of these, and you’re right, they’re so smooth and buttery!

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