Review: Clarins UV40 Sunscreen Multi-Protection Tint!

If you happened to catch my massive Clarins Haul a few posts back, you know that I picked up the UV40 new tinted mineral screens. Clarins has had their regular UV40 on the shelf for a long time, but these new tinted formulas are new to the brand. I remember when I first saw these in store. I was shocked at how much coverage they put down on my hand. It was seriously similar to a lot of foundations.

The texture is super fluid, oil free, and requires a good shake before application. For me, I like to roughly dab this all over my skin and blend out with a flat top foundation brush, or simply apply with my fingers. I have been testing this out since I got them, and I have developed a pretty strong opinion. I picked up the Light and the Medium shade, as I am super pale, but when I tan using St. Tropez, it goes very dark on me, so my skin tones are radically different week to week! I have tried both shades, both work wonderfully on me, and the finish of this is definitely a satin finish. I have a very dry skin, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to someone with an oily skin, as it leaves no greasy residue.

I have used this two different ways. The first time I used it, I put a thin layer over my foundation. It really boosted my coverage, and I love the finish it leaves on my skin. After using it that way for awhile, I decided to really test it, and wore it in place of a foundation. I was pleasantly surprised, that this gives me enough coverage to be worn alone with a concealer. I have also tested this with reapplying through the day, and it never gets cakey or eels too heavy on the skin.

These little bottles of heaven have curved my obsession for Lise Watier Sun Smart 30, which used to be my favorite. They launched a tinted version, but even my friends with deeper skin tones find it too dark, so I have no chance.

I absolutely recommend these for everyone. What an amazing product for summer. It gives me awesome coverage, and it will be perfect for lazy summer days on the deck, days at the beach, or days that you are running around doing errands.

These retail for $40.00 CAD, and they are worth every penny!





    1. I’m pretty fair, and the light blended out nicely 🙂 it scared me too because when swatched it looks a bit orange – but it all worked out when blended 🙂

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