5 Things I wish cosmetic companies would catch onto …

For those who don`t already know, I am immersed in cosmetics. It’s not only my hobby, but my full time job. I see people look at things, listen to their complaints about products and packaging, and also hear their wishes. All day, five days a week, I listen to women tell me exactly what they want and what they don`t want from makeup companies. And I myself, am a true junkie, and have some of the same concerns. These are my top 5 irks that I have with makeup companies. (In no particular order!)

1.) No one likes powders in their cream products!
This is usually a problem when it comes to palettes. You get some beautiful powder eyeshadows, blushes, or bronzers, and right next door is some cream lip product, or some cream eyeliners. Personally, hot pink powdered blush is not something that I want snuggled up to my black cream eyeliner. Props to TheBalm for their Balm Jovi palette. It has all the powder products, and the cream products separate, as they are protected by a magnetic flap. I was so happy when I ordered that!

2.) Testers, Testers, Testers!
This is mostly an issue that I encounter with drug store brands. If there is a product on the shelf with no tester, first thing is it won`t sell as well, and second thing is, people will inevitably open live product, thus making all the products open anyway. Has that ever happened to you guys? There is nothing worse than wanting to purchase a product, but not being able to buy it because someone has opened it and used it already. Another irk is when companies send one tester in one shade for a line of foundations. (Cough* Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cough*) It’s near impossible to get an accurate color match through that obnoxious glass packaging. And it all ends up getting returned, because people have a hard time matching themselves.

3.) Brush tip applicators on Lip Glosses: Brush tips on glosses will make me immediately put a product down. They always fray, and in no time you are trying to put your lip gloss on with something that looks like a They’re Real mascara wand. Stick to the doe foot applicators, and I guarantee you will sell more gloss.

4.) Put more thought into your Gift with Purchases and Purchase with Purchases: How many borderline tacky tote bags have I collected over the years? Quit the bags. Think outside the box! Prada Candy recently launched a scented candle as a GWP. I`d much rather that than another tote bag that I will never use. I know it`s all shameless advertising, but say (JUST PRETEND!) I bought a Justin Beiber fragrance. That`s embarrassing enough. I don`t need an obnoxious metallic purple laptop case as a reminder of my shameful purchase. Something subtle, that doesn`t have a brand or a celebrity plastered all over it would be better. My favorite GWP I’ve ever gotten was a Versace bag that was simple black and gold, and I use that one all the time, because it isn`t something that you immediately know was a GWP. And as for PWP`s, switch them up! Lancôme does these all the time and they are always filled with the same stuff. Plus, the bag for the spring 2014 PWP is as boring as a plain rice cake. Seriously, they picked grey for the bag color? What about coral?

5.) Nobody likes sachet samples: Anyone who is subscribed to a beauty box service knows this. Sachets are infuriating. They are barely a one time use thing, and I never repurchase anything based on a sachet. Same with those rip off foil fragrance cards. I remember around the holidays, I spent near $600.00 at Sephora, and I got a foil fragrance card of Spicebomb. (A man`s fragrance none the less!) I was immediately agitated. Props to Clarins, who have amazing samples, and only sachet their foundations (which I can accept) Everyone else pull it together, and give me at least three applications in a sample.

What are some things that drive you guys crazy about cosmetic companies?


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