Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Kit!

I saw this online and knew immediately that I had to have it. I’ve been dabbling with Bite products recently and they haven’t disappointed me yet. This was a great deal for 12 lip glosses. The only warning I will give is that they smell like roses. I should have clued into that with the name of the kit but alas I had too much tunnel vision to think too hard on the name. Admittedly it is odd to put a rose scent on my lips, but it doesn’t bother me a bit. I quite like these glosses. I’ve swatched them on my arm for you to see the pigmentation on them. They do have a bit of resistance when you use them but I’m okay with it. Overall I think this kit was awesome, especially for the value of $53.00 CAD.



    1. I just watched her video today too! They are awesome glosses, especially the darker shades. Bite hasn’t let me down yet, and it’s a plus they are a Canadian company 🙂

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