Sara’s Mothers Favorite Products!

Happy Mother’s day out there to everybody celebrating today! When people meet me for the first time, I frequently get asked what my mother is like. People assume that the junkie I have become is a result of a crazy beauty hoarding mother who started me in the makeup world early. And they could not be more wrong! My mother is awesome, beautiful, and could honestly care less about beauty products. It took us a long time to choose these products, and let it also be known, that my mother has tried a lot of stuff, due to me bringing her a constant flow of anti-aging products. These are the beauty products that my mother swears by!

1.) Marcelle BB Cream (Anti Age Formula SPF 20) Mom really likes this stuff. It gives her the natural coverage she is looking for, and with the added benefit of SPF, it’s a great daily product. She has gone through a full bottle of the regular Marcelle BB, but will be repurchasing the Anti Age version, for the SPF factor.

2.) Total Moisture Cream by Benefit: This was something that I tried, and ended up giving it to my mother, who surprisingly loved the scent (she likes her products unscented) and she finished the jar, and then finished another jar, and then used another full jar that I bought her for Christmas! She has moved on simply because I have given her so many things to use, but she always asks for the “amazing cream in the beautiful jar.” I know she means Benefit 🙂

3.) Moroccan Oil: We have tried lots of hair oils between the two of us, and the Moroccan Oil brand has really worked for my mother. She swears by it, and she can notice the difference in her hair if she isn’t using it. She bought the big bottle, which is saying a lot. That stuff isn’t cheap!

4.) Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara: This mascara is my mother’s favorite, and another thing she has repurchased over and over, regardless of how many mascaras I give her to try. She loves that it goes on easily, doesn’t clump, and that it is easy to get off with Bioderma at the end of the night. My mom is very careful with her eyes, as they get red and irritated very easily if she isn’t.

5.) Rawling’s Medicated Ointment: I laughed when she mentioned this to me, because I remember growing up with this. Every time you had dry skin, chapped lips, a head cold, congestion, you would be slathered in this menthol smelling ointment, and sure enough, whatever the issue is, it was fixed shortly after! Not exactly the most glamorous beauty product, but one of her favorites none the less.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama. You’re one of my best friends and I love you!


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    1. It’s a great product. For me – it’s a good one, but for my mother, its a holy grail. I guarantee if I switched it out with another hair oil, she would know the difference 🙂 thanks for reading!

    1. The Benefit skincare is incredible. It smells so good, and the packaging alone is a reason to buy! It was inspired by sea glass, and totally speaks to my inner mermaid! Thanks for reading! XO

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