Mothers Day Favorites! Almira`s Mother`s Must Haves

Happy Mothers Day to all of our readers!

In my opinion, there is no one who benefits more in the cosmetics industry than the moms of the people who work in it. My mom especially loves the fact that I can give her free products and free advice and our little makeovers whenever she has her events. A little bit about her, she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen without make-up on. She is so effortlessly gorgeous and she has never been a big make-up person. However, since I started in cosmetics, she has been using and trying more! She has taught me to take care of my skin and face from a very young age, and now I’m returning the favor. After product trial and deliberation, here are her top 3 products that I’ve given her and gotten her into:

1.) Shiseido BioPerformance Revitalizing Face Cream – My mom is pretty easy, she wants a cream that feels comfortable and gets her face plumped up and smooth, she said that this product does just that. I have yet to barrage her to give me more information on the product’s wrinkle-reducing claims and whether it works.

2.) Lancome CILS Booster Mascara Primer – What’s the opposite version to the phrase “I’m my Mother’s daughter”? This is one of the first products that she fell in love with and has continued to ask for it time after time, just like me! Ever since I picked this tube of mascara primer up, and one by one painted my lases white, I have been obsessed. It’s safe to assume that my mom felt the exact same way. She said it makes her lashes looks way longer, a sentiment I easily share. My mom is very easy to shop for and would be happy with any brand of make-up but this is the only primer she will use.

3.) Lise Watier Sunsmart SPF 30– My mom is an outdoorsy person. Everytime the sun is out and it is warm outside, I expect to see her in the yard, gardening, trimming and cleaning (A trait that I wish I had inherited). She also bought herself a farm and became a full-time farmer, that’s how much she loves the outside! Haha! She was an avid golfer before and she is familiar with the concept of sunscreen, the way it smells, feels, and how it leaves a white film on your face. Enter Almira and Sunsmart, and tada! She has never raved about a sunscreen like she does with this one. I’m so happy I got her into this because it`s much easier to get her to apply every 2 hours because of how amazing this product glides onto your face (and easier to scold her if she doesn’t LOL). I even use it as a makeup primer! I’m sure my mom and I are not alone in loving this wonderful product!

She’s away right now and I can’t even put into words how much I miss and love her! Mama if you’re reading this, I have so many products for you to try! Even though you disagree with how much money I spend on cosmetics, you’re still reaping the benefits haha! I can’t wait to see you! Enjoy this day with your moms my lovelies!


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