Makeup Memories of Mum: Sabah’s Mother’s Day Post!

Like most makeup junkies my first memories of cosmetics surround my Mum. I’d sit on the edge of the tub and watch her ‘put her face on’. My mother is in her mid-sixties and her skin looks better than a lot of my friends in their thirties. She attributes it to constantly wearing makeup, she was always concerned with making sure she was “put together” as she calls it. I have a memory of being in my early teens and Mum sitting me down with a mirror and showing me how to pluck my eyebrows. She always told me to never do it for longer than a few minutes at a time. She said to stop, go get a glass a water, then go back to it because if you zoned into the process you’d end up with those silly looking skinny eyebrows. This is something I still follow because she’s absolutely right, I’ve lost focus on the big picture before, and it was a horrific few months trying to get them back. Sunscreen was always a big thing for Mum, she was on me about it constantly. This wasn’t common at all when I was young, the real emphasis on skin cancer hadn’t really become an issue yet. I’m super white, bordering on pinkish blue and sunburns were a real fear. My mother instilled a sunscreen regiment and sun fear in me that has delivered me into my thirties without ever going into a tanning bed.

Today I had on a bright bold lip. Before leaving my sister’s house my father stopped me and told me he liked my lipstick. This being a post about my mother you’re likely wondering why I’m referencing my dad. My mother always wears dark lips, always. When getting ready to leave, the lipstick is always applied last to help prevent smudging. One of my Dad’s unspoken jobs was he always reminds her to put on her lipstick. The lesson in this, is to involve everyone necessary to ensure the completion of successful regiment. Oh and don’t forget your dark lips (this is actually something I’m trying to move past, I’m trying nudes but feel they don’t look nearly as good on me as dark lips, just like my Mum)

I had some acne as a child, nothing that has haunted me or left a crazy scarring but I had some. My mother monitored my skin, she was great about getting me products she thought might help. While some kids didn’t wash their face my mother had me on a full Clinique 3 step system. Outside of products she also made me very aware of my hands, how clean they were and how long my nails were. Mum always (even now) when I’m touching my face. “Danah, do you have any idea what is under your nails? Everyone’s hands are filthy, covered in bacteria and germs, you do not want those things on your face.” This post could be as long as War and Peace but I will finish it off here. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum and all the other women who are celebrating the day!!!



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