We interrupt your regular scheduled programming …

Those who read my blog are probably thinking … Where is Fancy vs Frugal? It’s Friday right? You’re right, but the truth is, I have nothing to show you this week. I am still playing with a few dupes, and I am waiting for a Benefit product to arrive, but I didn’t feel comfortable calling out Fancy or Frugal yet, because I need more time with the product. I will continue to do Fancy vs Frugal Fridays, but I don’t want to bring you guys less than amazing dupes and products. So, to make it up to you guys, I thought we would indulge in something totally luxurious, and kind of unnecessary in my opinion. Once again, it came down to packaging, and I had to have it. It’s also on the Allure list of 50 beauty products you have to buy before you die … (Spoiler Alert … expect some posts on that soon!)

The Guerlain Meteorites. There isn’t quite anything that I have seen that have the vanity pride that these do. They are so beautiful, and a total conversation starter. I have them in the shade 2 Clair, and I have to say, I use them mostly on my body. They give a very nice sheen, but I can honestly say, if they came in a plastic clear jar, I wouldn’t have bought them. The product itself is not life changing by any means. It does provide a nice highlight, but I travelled with them recently, and they are not the best for that. I ended up fishing one of the little pearls out of the hotel room sink … Safe to say these will be staying home on the perfume vanity from now on! But just LOOK at these!



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