Smashbox Collection: The Santigolden Age!


So, as we all know … Tis’ the season for Summer Collections. Which usually means brighter colors, amazing packaging, and an empty wallet for me. This collection is no exception. Smashbox really stepped up their packaging, and delivered some quality products that you would expect from the brand.

The first thing that caught my eye from the collection were the eyeshadow palettes. These have very nice pigment, and they don’t feel chalky at all. I hardly had to use any pressure to get full pigment from these. The snakehead pattern is cute, but right off the bat, I wish the colors were laid out a little differently. For example, I would never use up that orange eyeshadow, and the base color that I would use most often is a tiny portion of the palette. (Is there anything more irritating than when you run out of the base color in a palette?) But, for color lovers – this is a must have. And I must say, the brown, navy and green palette is actually quite wearable. The navy color actually translates as navy on the eyelid and doesn’t appear grey or black. One of the two smaller shades (the snake eyes) is more of a shimmer overlay, and one is more of a base. Overall, you could get an amazing eye look from this palette. These retail for $42.00 CAD.

The next thing are the double ended eyeliners. Swatched you will see Yellow Dwarf/Green Martian, and below is Azurite is Never Wrong/El Dorado. These swatchd very easily, went on very smoothly, and weren’t a pain in the ass (with the exception of Yellow Dwarf) to get off. I am really into the trend of colored liner, but for me personally, these don’t compete with the Stila Smudgesticks, or the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. They retail for $28.00CAD.

The lipglosses are a new formula for Smashbox. Those who are fans of the brand might know, they discontinued all of their lip glosses, and launched their new Be Legendary formula right before this collection launched. The formula is not sticky, glides on smoothly, and the collection colors are no exception. The All Gold E’rything shade isn’t very wearable for me, but I do appreciate the Hot Lava shade. It is a creamier formula without shimmer, that I think would look awesome on a ton of skin tones this summer. These glosses are $23.00 CAD.

The last thing in the collection is a bit different. It is a limited edition Lipstick Ring, that retails for a whopping $56.00 CAD. My issues with this ring started right from the get go, when I opened the package. First, you can’t adjust it, so it either fits you or it doesn’t. Secondly, the amount of actually product you are getting is so minimal, that you are pretty much paying $56.00 for a massive self protection ring. You know, the kind you wear when walking across dark parking lots? It is heavy, uncomfortable to wear, and honestly, just looks tacky in my opinion. I feel like they would have done much better with a shimmer powder, or a shimmer oil for the Summer months. But – to each their own. If you have a thing for heavy jewelry, snakes, or lipstick rings, this might be right up your alley.

Have you guys seen this collection in store yet? The eyeshadow palettes are definitely the winners for me.



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