Clarins Haul: SO excited for this!

There are a lot of makeup brands out there. I mean – a lot. More brands than one person could possibly know about. But when I do find a brand that really speaks to me, I get obsessive. I want to try everything from that line at least once, and become a certified (in my head at least) expert on it. Clarins is one of those brands for me. I love them so much. I love their products, their ingredients, the way they train, the way the respect the environment, and I love that they never jump on bandwagons quickly, with less than amazing products.

So, I recently went a little crazy, and picked up some new things, and some old favorites that I needed.


Gentle Foaming Cleanser, and the Wonder Perfect Mascara are two oldies but goodies. I also have used their Rouge Éclat lipstick, and their Blush Prodige before, so I picked up one of each, both in new (to me) colors. Woodrose is a beautiful natural brown-rose color. It worked very well for me, and will be an easy color to use. For blush, I chose sunset coral, because I think when I am super (self) tanned in the summer, it will look great.

The five new things that I am excited to try are the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, the SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen stick, the Tonic Body Polisher (Almira is OBSESSED with this product) and the new UV 40’s with tint. These are also mineral screen, and I am hoping I love them, because I am always on the hunt for a new Holy Grail sunscreen. I also picked up a Beauty Flash Balm. And, side note on the BFB, I have seen a lot of YouTubers using it recently, and what you guys need to know, is if you are using it like a makeup primer, you need to apply your foundation right afterwards. Don’t give it time to set into the skin, just continue right on with your foundation. That is how you need to use it to get the best result!

I will get to these products as soon as I can, and of course will keep you guys updated on what I love and I there are anything that I would avoid!

What is the brand you could spend all of your money on?




    1. Love that brand. Let’s call a spade a spade, I have a problem with all makeup in general. But, sometimes one brand just pulls you in. Hourglass is becoming an obsession of mine lately too …

      1. Hourglass is something I have not tried yet. I orginally have not gotten into the brand because it seems people with oiler skin have been loving their stuff and I have dry skin.

    2. Oh my skin is drier than dry. We are talking flake dry. Their tinted moisturizer is to die for, super good coverage, beautiful finish. I could go on and on. The ambient lighting powders are amazing, and they’re rouge opaque liquid lipsticks can’t be beat. The only thing I would steer clear of with dry skin is the immaculate foundation! Even my oilier skinned friends found that one a bit too mattifying!

    1. I have to say, I have been obsessing over your blog lately love! It is so amazing, and it keeps me reading forever. You are doing an awesome job! Thank you for reading! XO

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