April Favorites!

So … I write this with a little bit of attitude today. It’s May, and it’s still freezing. Has everyone else in the world been having this winter that just won’t die?? Alas, spring time is coming, and I wanted to show you guys my favorite products I have been using this month!


First up is Benefit’s Porefessional. I have talked about this stuff before, and I am still using it everyday. Not so great as a makeup primer, but as a filler or just a texture corrector on no makeup days, this can’t be beat.

Essence KALINKA beauty blush: This is a limited edition blush that I picked up early April, and I have been using the hell out of it. It’s a beautiful orange color, that blends beautifully and lasts for quite awhile on my skin. Another home run for Essence.

Kerastase Nectar Thermique: This is a heat protectant that I have been using this past month, and I have to say, I love it. I love cream protectants that you apply to dry hair, they give me more peace of mind than sprays for some reason. It’s pricey, the small bottle here I think is around $23.00CAD, but it was worth it for me, and I will probably repurchase!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Night Cream: (Longest product name EVER!) Ok … this one is hard for me to talk about. Those who know me well, know that Elizabeth Arden and I have had a rocky relationship. They were such a stodgy old woman brand for so long, but lately they have been stepping it up. Limited Edition collections, packaging changes … The company is moving in the right direction. I am still by no means someone who will talk about Arden super proudly, but I am really starting to warm up to the brand. Anyways, I opened this cream thinking I would hate it, and I am almost finished it. AND I am panicked, because my skin has never looked better since I started using this. And, Almira and Sabah would agree. (Even though they will never admit Elizabeth Arden is doing it!) This cream is a purple color, and has a strong fragrance of Lavender. (Meant to make you sleep better) I don`t know about that, but I hate the smell of Lavender, and I have completely gotten used to it, and forgiven the scent because of how amazing my skin looks in the morning. I look dewy, rested, plumped, and radiant. I no longer wake up with dry flakes around my mouth, or those dreaded dehydration lines that take an hour or so to go away. I will keep you guys updated on if I decide to repurchase, because that will be earth shattering.

Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Light Bronze: These blushes and bronzers are AMAZING! They give you such an awesome glow, have wonderful pigment, and I love the color range! I am absolutely going to be buying more of these soon.

Caudalie hand cream: This is my second tube of this hand cream, and I am going to have to buy the big size. It smells incredible, and oddly enough, it really helps with my dermatitis on my hands. I am so in love. And this tube is bone dry … I will be cutting it open right after my next empties post!

Guerlain Limon Verde Fragrance: This fragrance is an obsession of mine. It`s so light, and so fresh … The perfect scent for me this Spring and Summer.
And the bottle is absolutely gorgeous on my vanity!

Clarins UV40 Sunscreen Tint: This is a product that is coming up very soon in a Clarins Haul. I cracked into it because I couldn`t wait, and I am SO glad I did. I have been using this like a foundation most days lately. It gives amazing coverage, has a great finish, and provides a full mineral screen block for the face. This is a must have for summer, and might just replace my holy grail Sun Smart from Lise Watier.

Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights in Bare Light: This liquid illuminator has had a big part in my makeup for the last month. Fuelling my obsession for highlighting lately, I have been dabbing on some of this to my cheekbones, then adding some of my Laura Mercier Highlight-01, and then setting with my Maybelline Master Hi-Light bronzer in light bronze. Someone told me my cheeks looked plastic the other day, and I won`t lie, I took it as a compliment!

Those have been my favorites for the month! What have you guys been loving?


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      1. I do have the bare light shade. The pinky shade looked interesting I just thought the bare light shade would be better for all over. I feel like the pink would be better suited as a highlight.

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