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Review: Clarins Tonic Body Polisher!

Do you ever try to love a product even though you know it’s not giving you what you need? You really inflate the pro’s of the stuff, because the con’s are so annoying, you’re sorry you picked it up in the first place? Enter this body scrub.
This scrub is filled with essential oils, and smells like something straight out of a spa in France. When used in the shower, it will infuse your bathroom with the smell, and I have to say, I’m a fan. The first time I smelled this product, I hated it. But the more I smelled it, the more I started to enjoy that earthy, essential oil smell. Almira quickly fell in love with this scrub, and has gone through maybe 4 even 5 jars. I picked one up, and the first time I used it, I knew it wasn’t for me. I am someone who loves to exfoliate. All the time. Everywhere. And this scrub just doesn’t have enough grit to it. You scoop a handful out to use it, and as soon as it hits the skin, it’s already melted into an oily mess. I’ve even tried it on dry skin, and had the same problem. It just doesn’t get the job done. It will also leave quite an oily film on your body, which isn’t great if the reason for your aggressive exfoliating is to prep for self-tan. Your tan will be splotchy and uneven because of the oil this leaves behind. I have since been using this only with a pair of exfoliating gloves on, and although it makes it better, it’s still not good enough to repurchase. This retails for $50.00 CAD, and was not worth it in my opinion. I will consider the shower gel that comes in the same scent, and the scent is lovely, and I will finish the product until it’s gone based on smell alone. If I had to recommend a good body scrub right now, I recently finished up a Vichy one that will be in my next empties post. It has both mechanical and chemical exfoliation properties, and it left my skin baby smooth.

Have you guys tried this scrub? I wanted to love it so badly!


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Sally Hansen: Why do you hate me?!

As I write this post, I am hitting the keys much harder than I have to. The steam is coming out of my ears for what I am about to say. Sally Hansen changed the formula AND the color of cult favorite Pacific Blue. Yup, you heard right. Not just a formula change, but the colors don’t even look the same. Now, I am coming off of a depressing run of my favorite things (Clarins Everlasting Foundation, Dior creme de rose lip balm and Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me) being discontinued, and this was just the icing on the cake. I noticed while shopping the other day, that it didn’t seem to have the same creamy texture as the Pacific Blue we have all come to love. Instead, this formula is more watery, streaky, and frustrating to work with. The color itself isn’t even close. Instead of a beautiful opaque color in one stroke, you need about four coats to get a streaky electric-like cobalt blue. It’s nothing like the original, and I don’t know what Sally Hansen was thinking. They kept the name, and even the same bar code for the product, but they can’t honestly think that they could pass the garbage formula off on us can they?! Needless to say, I bought the store out of stock. Every single bottle of the old formula came home with me, and I suggest you do the same if you see them in your local stores!!

What’s the worst thing that has been discontinued for you?

The beautiful original!


And a look at how different these are!



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Elizabeth Arden Continues to Surprise Me …

Do you guys have any brands you just have a grudge against? Not even for a particular reason … You just don’t gravitate towards them, and whatever they do, it seems to not be good enough? Well, that brand for me has been Elizabeth Arden. I am cringing just thinking of when Danah reads this post. She too shares the distaste for the Arden Brand.

Let me be very clear, Elizabeth Arden has always been known (to me at least) as an old lady brand. And Red Door really doesn’t help them with that. But – I may be a changed woman. And it was simply a matter of pushing myself to stop judging the brand, and let the products speak for themselves.

First purchase was the Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Night Cream for dry skin. This stuff is a purple shade, smells like lavender, and I was expecting to hate it. The first time I used it, I thought the smell would make me react for sure. But when I woke up in the morning, my face was plumped, no flakes, and it still appeared like I had some moisturizer left on my skin. This is unheard of for me, and within a few days of use, people all around me were commenting on my skin and asking me what had changed. I finally mustered the courage to tell my friends what I was using, and I am still taking heat for it. But my GOD you guys, that stuff was heaven for my dry skin. I just finished it two nights ago, and I have used the Biotherm Blue Therapy Night cream once, and woke to a fairly severe reaction. It’s safe to say, if the next cream I try doesn’t work, I will be repurchasing the Visible Difference.

Next in line after the curiosity crept in about the line, was the Visible Difference Serum. I’ve been using this for about a week, and I have to say, again I am very pleased. It’s hydrating, great under makeup, and smells great. I also love the airless pump.

Not to mention that Elizabeth Arden have changed their oh so boring packaging. (the new gold packaging is still a bit 70’s, but I appreciate the effort) They are releasing solid collections, they had an amazing PWP that I bought a month ago. Amazing nautical bag, with great products inside, and I even like their Summer edition of their Green tea fragrance.

If you take anything from this post, take the courage to stop judging brands you’ve never used, be it drugstore or prestige, because you might just find some gems that will change your skin!


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Buxom Show Some Skin Foundation!

Oh how we Canadians have laboured and waited dearly for this glorious time of spring. The warming of the weather changes us. Our outlook on everything shifts, like we’re seeing things for the first time. For example, I was in the market for a less than full coverage foundation. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. No I’m not possessed, and yes I was with Almira when I was looking. (Sara would likely have thrown me in the car and driven me to an institution for testing). In the mood for a lighter foundation, I came across the Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation. This foundation did wonderful things to my hand when swatched. I immediately noticed it covered and blurred the redness caused by the makeup remover and residual makeup stains from my run in with some Dior lipsticks. I found a great match and went for it (and so did Almira).
Fast forward to about five days later. I found the foundation to be a sheer coverage. I knew what I was getting into when I got this, but it still surprised me a bit to see how little this actually covered. The dewiness from this product was great, it did leave my face looking brighter. Later in the day that glow somewhat resembled shiny face but not to the point where I was overly concerned or upset about it. But there was one thing that had me a bit worked up and that was, I had blemishes, of the reaction kind, not the hormonal kind. This foundation broke me out sadly and I had to return it.

Any thoughts on this product?


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Favorite Alert: Caudalie Hand Cream!

I used to be someone who laughed at hand creams. I thought they were basically hyped up body lotions, put into much smaller tubes, and retailed for more money per ounce. Well, I am eating my words as I write this post. Now don’t get me wrong … I have used hand creams in the past that I have liked. Clarins makes a nice one, and Almira had a Soap and Glory one in her car for years, that we used all the time (and it seemed to never die … I think she still has that hand cream!) All of those were fine, but not something that I missed, and both were borderline too fragrant for me.

Now, some history on my hands. Working as a Makeup Artist, I am constantly sanitizing, and washing my hands. Mix that in with my dermatitis that loves to appear between my fingers, and it is a recipe for disaster.

So last December, Danah and I were shopping at Sephora, and a $15.00 Caudalie set caught our eye. It had an awesome selection of their products, from their cult favorite Beauty Elixir, to their lip balm (which I actually ended up using as an eye cream oddly enough …) But what really drew me in was the Hand and Nail Cream. As soon as I started using this, and carrying it around in my purse, my hands completely changed. No dry patches, no flakes, no cracks … It was seriously life changing. No more severe burn when I use hand sanitizer, because my hands are smooth, and always hydrated. It also has made a huge difference in my nails. Mainly my cuticles, and I am starting to think it’s the reason I have been dabbling into nail polish so much lately. I loved that cream so much, that Danah gave me hers from her kit, and Almira was sweet enough to buy me the full size, which retails for $17.00 CAD.

If you have any issues with dry hands or brittle cuticles, do yourself a favor, go to your door with your most comfortable shoes on, and RUN (not walk) to your nearest Sephora. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It also won the 2014 Elle Award for best hand cream!

Have you guys tried this!?

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection!

So… it finally happened. The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection launched in stores, and is finally in my life. This is the kind of collection that makes me unable to sleep through the night. And let me tell you, MAC knocked it out of the park. The packaging, the names of the products, and from what I have had the chance to try so far, the products themselves are amazing. Needless to say, I picked Almira up super early, and before we even had our morning lattes, I was pressed up against the gate at MAC, anxiously waiting to get my hands on this stuff.
I picked up two lipsticks, two eyeshadows, a blush, and two of the bronzers from the collection. My regrets so far include the other eyeshadows, the nude lipliner pencil, the other blush shade, and maybe another lipstick. Those might be things I will have to go back for, assuming that they aren’t sold out. (there was seriously a crowd there that morning!)

Items I chose:
Cremesheen Lipstick in Mystical
Cremesheen Lipstick in Goddess of the Sea
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Lorelei
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Fathoms Deep
Extra Dimension Blush in Sea me, Hear Me
Bronzing Powder in Golden (This purchase hurt, because I have this exact bronzer in the box unopened … it was simply a packaging purchase!)
Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder in Aphrodite’s Shell

So I have had the chance to test everything out with the exception of the Golden bronzer (I already know I like it – like I said, it was a packaging purchase!) and I have to say, I am satisfied with all of my purchases. What really blew me away unexpectedly, were the eyeshadows. I’m not usually a single shadow girl, but these babies were so smooth, and so pigmented, I found myself swatching them over and over in store. I am also loving my Goddess of the Sea lipstick. It’s one of those shades that seriously make blue eyes POP!
I will someday bring myself to throw away the boxes that this collection came in, but until then, on my fragrance vanity they shall sit. Greeting me every morning with their beauty.

You guys SERIOUSLY have to get at least a piece from this collection before it’s gone. I can feel that the regret from not getting this will be worse than missing out on a Benefit Box Blush until after it’s been discontinued. Save yourself the agony. Get to MAC!


Top 10 Beauty Products under $10.00!

This could quite possibly be my favorite blog post/video to watch from other people. Well known fact: Makeup is not cheap. Especially when you factor in how much I shop for it. It is not known to be super affordable, but as always, there are some loopholes. These are 10 of my absolute must have products that retail under $10.00!

1.) Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes: I have the Petal Pusher palette pictured here, but Comfort Zone is also one of my must haves. These things retail for $4.99 at Wal-Mart, and they can seriously compete with some of my high end shadows.

2.) NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny: I think this one makes it on everyone’s 10 under ten list. This bronzer is not muddy nor is it orange on my fair skin. It gives such a warmth to the skin, and never looks cakey. I love it, and it is a staple in my collection.

3.) Essence Clear Lash and Brow Gel: This clear gel works even better than the Anastasia one for me. It isn’t too wet, it dries quickly, and doesn’t leave you feeling like you have concrete on your eyebrows throughout the day. Retailing at $2.99, it just can’t get any better than that, especially given how often you repurchase brow gel, simply because it get’s brown and gross!!

4.) Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipsticks: I only have two of these, and they are a new obsession. These retail for under $3.00 at Wal-Mart, and I will probably be buying a new shade every time I go! (Who can resist at that price!) These are a slightly dry formula, but are not drying on the lips, and still feel comfortable without the need of a balm or a gloss.

5.) Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash (Pistachio Cream with Magnolia): This one may seem a little silly, but I recently started using this, and I have never gotten so many compliments on how I smell. All of the fragrances I have, and this has already surpassed the compliments. It lingers on the skin, but not in a perfume-y headache way. Smell this in store if you haven’t already. I am so in love with it!

6.) ELF Studio Brow Kit: This brow kit retails for $3.00, and it can seriously hold it’s own against some high end competitors. I actually prefer this kit to many other brands. The brush that comes with it is garbage, but I can totally overlook that. The wax is awesome, and the color of the powder is a cool color, not too warm, which is a common problem that I have with brow powders!

7.) Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eyeliner: These eyeliners are great. They go on super smooth, they have great pigment, and they stay in place. The color range is awesome, and I am so glad they made a nude color to work with in the waterline (Or to outline your brows with!) They retail for $7.99, but go on sale all the time for as low as $3.99!

8.) Essence Silky Touch Blush: These blushes sell for $2.99, and if I was to use one in a blind test, I would never guess that it was so inexpensive. A lot of people talk about the Wet n’ Wild blushes, but for me, those are almost too pigmented. I am usually rushing when I do my makeup, and I don’t have time to remember to be super careful when dipping my brush in a product. I like to get in there, get it done, and get out the door. That’s exactly what this blush gives me. Awesome finish, great staying power … All around a winner!

9.) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish: This nail polish is by far my favorite formula in the drugstore. It lasts forever on me, it’s never streaky, and if I have to, I can get away with one coat. My only complaint with them is that they don’t have a selection of nude or more natural polish shades. But for the bright toe colors I am looking for, these get it done at under $4.00.

10.) Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: I didn’t originally want to put this in here, as I talk about it all the time, and it’s a no brainer for me. But, when I got to the last one, all the other products that I was optioning, just weren’t as good as this. This shade in particular is incredible. Not crazy about the other shades oddly enough …

Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Primer Balms!

If you follow me on Instagram, you more than likely know from my Face of the Day posts, that I am currently using two primer balms on my skin. Both have nearly identical ingredients, look similar, and claim to do the same thing. And as always, very different prices!
Stila and Covergirl. I have been using these on my skin for weeks now, and finally feel like I have a strong enough opinion to write this post. There are some definite pros and cons to both products -so lets get into it!

Stila comes in a 0.29oz package, for $39.00 CAD. It has sleek packaging, and includes a mirror, and a sponge for application. This stuff has a great texture, and finishes to that silicone, silky feeling that women are usually looking for when using a product like this.

Covergirl sells for around $12.00 CAD and comes in a 0.42oz package. It does not come with a mirror, and it does offer a sponge, but nowhere to put it! It really doesn’t seem to set on the skin. I find myself blending and blending, and it just never seemed to get to that powdery soft finish like the Stila did.

I tested people on this product daily, and every single time except once, people who didn’t know what product was on what side, thought that the cover girl side looked better. I personally couldn’t see a difference, and found them both to wear so similarly throughout the day.

Both products seem to work very well to touch up on shine throughout the day. Both will blot you down and refresh your skin without looking cakey or feeling greasy.

This Fancy vs Frugal is really a toss up. If a mirror and a housed sponge are must haves for you, the Stila provides that. But for much less, the Cover Girl seems to do the same job. I’d say if you’re interested in this type of product, give the Cover Girl a try first.

I can see a difference in the size of my pores with both of these products, however I almost feel like my makeup breaks down faster with them. As a primer, I would say take a pass!

In all honesty, as a pore filler, Benefit’s Porefessional works much better for me, but the compact form was awesome for in my purse.

Have you guys tried either of these??

Have a great day!


Marc Jacobs Starlet Eyeshadow Palette!

So I caved and bought a Marc Jacobs shadow palette. Not shocking since my self-control in cosmetics is legendarily lacking. The shock can be found in which one I bought. I have been coveting The Lolita since Sephora has started carrying Marc Jacobs. I visit it, I swatch it, I smile lovingly at it, but I always leave it where I found it. My problem with it has been that I have a boat load of neutral shadow palettes, and I haven’t hit pan on a single shade in a single one. Even I, the self-proclaimed junkie of all things pretty and well packaged, couldn’t justify the purchase. I’m telling you this because I need to explain my tunnel vision. I didn’t even swatch the others. Now, Sephora has moved The Starlet palette to the center of the display and I’m hoping that isn’t why I finally noticed it….. I’m likely lying to myself. The end result is the same. I saw it, swatched it and was instagramming my Sephora bag within minutes.

The nitty gritty of The Starlet Palette comes down to the actual performance of the shadows. I can be blinded by packaging and sometimes a bit forgiving of performance because of it. This palette however is a dream. I’m not trained in cosmetics, barely know how to do a lot of looks and sometimes make excuses about my eye shape to justify my failed attempts. That being said, this palette is so easy. The right amount of pigmentation allows you to blend effortlessly and control the look. I can’t explain to you how much I love this thing. Everything just works, the colors are such a fun mix. This was one of the reasons why this came home with me when Lolita stayed. I don’t have anything like these, they’re different from anything found in a typical neutral palette but still aren’t alarming purples and scary pinks.
Final note….. Due to my success with The Starlet, my lust for Lolita has only increased. I’m well on my way to instagramming another Sephora bag with another MJ palette.

Have you guys bought any of the Marc Jacobs Palettes? I need to know everything …




Tag Wednesday: The Lip Product Addict TAG!

I saw Fleur de Force doing this tag on Youtube, and it immediately spoke to me. Lip products are usually what every makeup lover has the most of, due to their diverse color and texture selection. And, they are one of the most affordable products when it comes to makeup. Depending on your knowledge of makeup history, you might be familiar with something called “The Lipstick Effect” This is referring to times that were extremely hard on the economy (like the Great Depression!) In the US from 1929 to 1933, industrial production was down less than half, but sales of cosmetics rose. This kind of history story amazes me. The reason that cosmetics were able to hold on, was simply the cost. People couldn’t afford cars, or fancy things for their homes. But women would still flock to cosmetic counters to get a tube of their favorite colored lipstick to cheer them up. Enough history, but you get the point. A junkie is a junkie, no matter the era, or the financial state!

Anyways- there are 8 questions total for this tag, without more rambling, lets jump in!

1.) Favorite Balm/Treatment?
The Clarins lip balm, made ever so famous by Lupita at this year’s Oscars has been my favorite for a long time. I was so excited when I saw her whip out that little blue tube. Clarins had a huge shortage of the balms after that aired … talk about advertising. Now that Lupita is the face of Lancome, I am sure you won’t see her with it anymore! I also like the Creme de Rose lip balm by Dior, but I don’t like to put my fingers in my lip balm… so Clarins it is!

2.) Best Eye Catching Red?
This is a new love of mine, but it is strong. The Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in Icon is incredible. I can wear these for hours before I start to see any wear, and when I do, it’s easily topped up without looking cakey. They feel sticky when swatched, but are comfortable on the lip. Dry enough for you to know they aren’t going anywhere, but comfortable enough to not be topped with a gloss.

3.) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore?
My YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks will always win best luxury. These lipsticks are so creamy, so smooth, and the packaging alone is a reason to buy them. They are seriously like a piece of jewelry. For drugstore, I love the Maybelline color elixirs. They have been a huge staple in my day to day makeup lately. Awesome color range, and the formula is amazing.

4.) Best MAC lipstick?
I am not a huge fan of MAC lipsticks. There, I said it. I have so many of them, and I am always trying to find one that I love, but they come very rare. One that I am loving lately though is Candy Yum Yum. I won’t lie, I bought it just to say I had it, but I put it on one night when Sabah and I were having some wine, and it’s now kind of a big thing for me. I will be trying some more of the MAC matte formulas, maybe those will be winners for me.

5.) The most disappointing?
Too Faced Lip Injections! I got my first one in my “A few of my favorite things” palette over the holidays, and I was so excited to see such a wearable nude color included in the kit. I put the lip product on first thing, and I am telling you, it was like actual bees were stinging my lips. (Irony – the shade is called Bee Sting) Once I got over the burning sensation, I noticed that the lip product actually made my lips peel. I went back to it a few times because I love the color so much, but after the same results, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Also, dis-honorable mention for disappointment… I also don’t like the EOS lip balms. They dry my lips out, and also make them peel.

6.) Liner – yes or no?
I am kind of on both sides of the fence with this one. I love the way that liners extend the wear of your lip product, and how they define the cupid’s bow, and I always use them on brides. I think clear lipliners can be very helpful for women who find their lip color bleeds outside of their lip line … but on a day to day basis, I never use them. They are just one extra step I usually don’t have time to take.

7.) Best Gloss?
This one has to go to Clarins as well. Their Gloss Prodige line is phenomenal. They have awesome pigment, the applicator is great, they aren’t offensively sticky, and they smell amazing.

8.) Something Extra!
Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator. This product is not raved about enough. It is $3.00, tastes great (that matters to me in a lip exfoliator!) and it really does the job. Anytime my lips feel a bit dry, I will buff them with this product, follow with a generous amount of balm, and my flakes are gone in no time. For the price, everyone should have one of these on hand!

I tag all of you beauty vloggers/bloggers out there to do this, and let me know if you do because I am dying to read your answers!


Have an awesome day guys!