More Empties: Sabah’s latest garbage.

Alright everyone, here is my garbage. The collecting of garbage has been brought to a new level when someone thoughtfully collected garbage from my bedroom including my empties and later I found myself rooting through the trash bags in the garage in the middle of the night. New level of crazy here folks. Even harder to grasp is how upset I am at some of the empties that were never retrieved! A NARS Laguna! A Laguna! Do you have any idea how long it takes to empty a Laguna? I’ll tell you, long enough for Sara to be a bit of a wretch and etch “use me” in the powder residue on the pan. Let us have a moment here to remember the Laguna, and two packs of wipes that weren’t found.

Origins Checks and Balances: I loved this stuff; great amount of foam took my face right down from full face to fully clean without needing to use a makeup remover. This left me a bit dry, not panicking for a moisturizer dry, but slight tight face.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes: This was a sample that came in a Sephora bonus I think? Anyway, it was fine. I’m still on the hunt for my mascara holy grail but this mascara gave me a good amount of volume, didn’t flake and came off relatively easily. I’d consider repurchasing if it was cheaper but paying prestige prices for ‘fine’ mascara isn’t likely.

Bobbi Brown Lash Definition: This is a funny one, I loved this sample. Sara gave it to me to try and I loved the definition of this mascara and it even seemed to hold curl on my usually super straight lashes. I would definitely repurchase based on the sample. Sara then gave me a full size she had, and I hated it. Complete non-event mascara. It basically just made my lashes black. I don’t think I’ll rebuy, the full size sucked. Not sure what mojo they used on my sample but they should extend it to the rest.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Wash: This stuff smells like happiness and baked goods. Definite repurchase. Have a mini of the body butter too and I’m into it. Also, it’s the perfect size to prevent scent boredom.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo: This is the only shampoo that doesn’t give me buildup. It’s bizarre, I’m currently using the naked like from Herbal Essences and it’s okay but it seems a bit drier. I’ve already bought another Color Me Happy.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream: Okay I finished an eye cream? Like wow, this is huge for me. I really blew this product. I loved it! I’ve been trying a lot of other eye cream samples since this one and they aren’t giving me the brightness this one did. I’m probably going to repurchase soon.

Roc Soleil Protection SPF 30: No idea when I actually finished this, I was checking my summer sunscreens for expirations and realized this one was toast. I love it! I used it all the time, wasn’t sticky, wasn’t stinky, and it worked. This is the only sunscreen I use on my body.

Clarins Vital Light Night: Save the best for last. AMAZING! This is incredible stuff. I finished it about two weeks ago and was trying some other night creams I have kicking around, and I have already gone back to this. I love it. I try a lot of new products, reactions and breakouts are par for the course. What makes this cream incredible is that it is keeping my scaring to non-existent. I will have a monstrous blemish and within two weeks there isn’t even a pink dot where it was. I don’t think it helps with the actual breakout but it is doing wonders for any pigmentation issues I have.


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