Favorite Alert: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!

Hi Guys! Wanted to let you know about a product that I have been using for the past month or so, that I am quickly obsessing over. But – it has a funny story attached to it. So, last year when I went to Toronto, I ended up at a Murale store, ready to spend my Optimum points on high end makeup I can’t get in Nova Scotia. Sabah had transferred me her points so I could redeem for her as well, and we had a lot of the same things on our lists. When I got to this particular product, they only had one left in stock. I figured I would give her the shade that we originally both wanted, and I went for the lightest shade Chantilly. (Thinking I could highlight with it underneath my foundation) I got the rest of my stuff and headed home with my stash. So, Sabah opened her concealer first, and she was beyond disappointed. It was creasy, it didn’t cover as well as she had anticipated, and it just did not look flattering on the skin, especially around the eyes. Flash forward to a few months later, I needed to open a new concealer, as my old one had finished. I opened the NARS one, expecting to hate it, and figured it would clear some space up for new product if I just got it out of there. I used it for the first time with a Beauty Blender, and it was AMAZING! I am talking amazing coverage, smooth finish with no creasing through the day. I am obsessed with this stuff and I have used it almost everyday since I opened it. If it was a darker shade, I could easily use this as a foundation.

I also think you need to know, that after learning how much I loved mine, Sabah made me try her formula. (She has the shade Vanilla) and she was totally right. It was chalky, and creased super badly … Just an off formula.

We have talked about this quite a bit and we have decided that she must have gotten a tube that was just off. There is a polar difference between the finish of hers and the finish of mine. I want some feedback from you guys to see what you thought of this concealer. For me, it is something I would repurchase in a second. But if my first impression was the one that Sabah got, I would have been completely turned off.





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