Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Dry Shampoo vs Baby Powder!

I love me a deal. This is no secret, everyone knows it … and when I find a deal, or a way to cut costs (especially when it comes to beauty) I scream it from the rooftop. I have always known that baby powder could be a replacement in a pinch for dry shampoo, but I recently watched an interview with Eva Mendes and she swore by baby powder. She was quite frank, and said she has tried pretty much every dry shampoo on the market (she can definitely afford it!) and she still uses her old faithful Johnson’s baby powder. Then, a few days later, one of my favorite YouTube guru’s, Emilynoel83, said she didn’t know what to do with her 5 bottles of dry shampoo, because she was so in love with the effect that baby powder gave her. I went to the drugstore, picked up a travel sized bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder, and left feeling like I had conquered the world. I shook some into my palm, and worked it into my second (actually, maybe third) day hair, and waited to be wowed. First of all, the white cast was way more intense than a dry shampoo. I remember Eva saying don’t freak out, just keep working it in and it will turn out great. I worked and worked and worked with it. Finally, my white cast was gone, and it did absorb a bit of the oil that was starting to show at the roots of my hair. But, what I was lacking, was the texture and the volume that I get from a dry shampoo. I tried it a few different ways, putting it on my palms first and working it in, and shaking it directly on the roots and working it in that way. I was just left with flat hair and the smell of Baby Powder was just too strong. For me, I will be sticking with my dry shampoo. Pictured here is the Batiste tropical, but my favorite lately has been the Got 2 B rockin’ it. That stuff goes on sale for $3.99 CAD at Shoppers all the time and it is really a great one.

Fancy takes it this time. In all honesty, dry shampoo can be affordable if you get it on sale, so it’s not like you’re shelling out $35.00 a can. But – the extra cost is totally worth it for me.



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