Tag Wednesday: 20 Random Questions!

1. What is the one product you’d grab if your house was on fire?

I was originally thinking Bioderma (surprise surprise) but I am actually going to say my Clarisonic. I have used that thing religiously since I bought it, and I love it. It’s expensive, and it would suck to have to buy a new one.

2. Which beauty vlogger would you want to do your makeover?
I would like Kandee Johnson, or Julieg713 to do my makeup … I know they are both professional makeup artists, and it’s always fun to see what other people think your makeup should look like.

3. What celeb do people think you look like?
I have a few answers for this … I get Liv Tyler all the time when my bangs are cut, or Zooey Deschanel. And, I have been wearing my glasses lately, and a lot of people are saying I look like Lisa Loeb.

4. What beauty product do you save for date night?
Things I only use on special occasions are, false lashes, eye patches, and vials of radiance serums, like the one from Lise Watier.

5. Which of your guy friends takes longer than you to get ready?
I have no guy friend that takes longer than I do to get ready. My ideal man will have a quick shower, throw on some clothes and be out the door.

6. If you could create your own miracle beauty product, what would it be?
Working in cosmetics, I can honestly say, if I could make a product that would work to peel away dark spots quickly and painlessly, that would be the money maker. Think of Neve Campbell on The Craft, when she had her skin grafts and all of her scars came off. Dark spots are the new wrinkle, and women will not tolerate them.

7. What’s your best beauty tip?
Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen. And regular exfoliation. And – I also see a huge difference in my skin when I am drinking lots of water. When I am not, my skin looks dull and crepey. 

8. What beauty products do you love to splurge on?
I love to splurge on the palettes, and the sets that the cosmetic companies release, usually close to the holidays. I love kits that let me try slightly smaller sizes of a lot of different products.

9. Which beauty vloggers would you bring on a shopping spree?
I would probably bring Dulce Candy87, because she is a true shopaholic. From makeup, fashion, home décor .. that girl likes to shop for anything.

10. What is your signature scent?
Right now, I am so into the Limon Verde fragrance from Guerlain. I think it will be my summer love. Sabah also bought a new fragrance lately, and I am slowly trying to turn her off of it so I can wear it. Quick Tip: Friends don’t steal the signature scent of another friend.

11. I am on an endless quest for the perfect _________.
Foundation. I am obsessed with skin lately. Everything from super high coverage, to more dewy finishes, I am constantly trying to find the next best thing.

12. How many beauty products does it take to get you ready?
If it is just a day to day basis …. I would guess maybe … 8?

13. What lipstick/lip gloss is in your purse right now?
MAC Candy Yum Yum, MAC Crème Cup, Dior Serum de Rouge 760, and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Antigone and a Nivea lip balm.

14. Who is your celebrity beauty icon?
I really love Jenifer Lopez and Beyoncé for makeup looks. The glowy bronzy look is seriously consuming me right now.

15. Name the beauty brand you’d most love to be a spokesperson for?
This is an impossible question to answer. I love so many brands, but I am not loyal to any of them. Certain products yes, but no brand has the best of everything.

16. What’s your current nail polish?
I have no nail polish on my toes and my nails!

17. Fave mascara right now?
Lancôme Hypnose. Long time favorite, and I doubt it will ever be beat!

18. The last thing you bought at Sephora?
Last thing I bought was the Royal Beauty Blender. It’s such a pretty Radiant Orchid Color.

19. I try never to be seen without wearing _______.
My Brows. Days that I wear nothing else, I will still fill my brows in.

20. What’s one beauty product you’d always recommend?
Bioderma. And a clarisonic. Very often, people come in looking for makeup to fix their issues, but the makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath the makeup. Take care of your skin!!

I loved the questions of this tag! I tag every beauty blogger that hasn’t done this tag yet to do it!



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