Cult Classic Confessions: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

So…Have you ever had a product that you felt had something personally against you? Like it was trying to be hurtful and awful? That’s what this product did to me. It destroyed my face. The analogy I usually
use when describing this is imagine taking a battery and cracking it open. Now I want you to smear
the acid that lives in the battery all over your face. That’s what this product does to me. I’m talking full
face breakout. That being said, I still occasionally wear it. I’m the girl from 27 dresses, I’ve been in a
lot of weddings. I typically do my own makeup ever since one makeup artist forgot my foundation…

Anyway I know that the Smashbox primer is the best on the market. It delivers everything you want it
to, smooth makeup application and lasting power therefore when it comes to wedding season I know to
brace for the post wedding breakout. After a wedding last summer, after one day of use I had a total of 17 angry painful blemishes. I have another wedding in June of this year, if I’m brave enough I’ll post a pic for you guys to see the warzone that will be my face.



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