Fancy vs Frugal Fridays: Flat top Brushes!


Today we are talking flat top brushes. These babies are my favorite to use to blend out liquid foundations, or tinted moisturizers, and I have been putting two of them to the test recently. First up is a long time favorite of mine from Lancôme. This brush retails for $60.00 CAD, and has been a life saver for me when I travel. It doubles as everything for me. It can do foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, highlight … pretty much everything face related. So when Danah and I were shopping awhile ago, we found some brushes at a store called Icing. I picked up the large powder brush, and fell in LOVE with it. And I remembered seeing a flat top style brush there, so once I knew how great the powder brush was, I had to go back to get the flat top. It retails for $9.95 CAD. After putting both of them to the test, there is a clear favorite in my head. Unfortunately, the fancy wins this week. Here is my issue with the Icing brush. It just is not dense enough. I thought this might be the case when I felt the brush in store, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. To be fair, it does do the job, but it takes a little more effort, and I find it eats a lot more product than my Lancôme brush. It also has a significantly longer handle, which I am not a fan of. I like shorted brush handles, as they are easier to travel with. I have started using the Icing brush for setting powder, as it works quite well for that. But I will not be using my liquid foundations with it again, as it just soaks up all of the product, and leaves my face looking streaky. I know there is a huge price difference, but the fact that Lancôme can do my entire face while travelling makes it more than worth it for me. I will be getting one of these for Danah soon too, as I let her borrow mine for awhile and she fell in love. Even named the brush Lexie. When you give something a name, that means true love. Fun Fact: My car is named Ruby, and my Kitchen Aid mixer is named Gertrude.

Talk to you guys soon!



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