5 high end products I regret buying! 5 more for the NFG box.

There are few worse feelings in life than feeling like you got completely ripped off. Being someone who constantly tries new things, and more often than not, enters blindly into purchases, it’s inevitable. There will always be bad products. And when they are expensive bad products, that just rubs salt in the wound. Disclaimer: These products did not work out for me, and if they worked for you, amazing. But in my life, these have been banished to the NFG box. (That might be something that only my family says …) You know the awful gifts that you got for Christmas and birthdays? Those are put into what we call the NFG (No fucking good) box. Excuse the language, but those who know me, know it’s a miracle there aren’t f bombs thrown around on here more often.

Anyway, let’s get to the products!

First are the OCC Lip Tars. I did a post about these before, and I hate that these didn’t work for me. I tried so hard, but they just are garbage. I had the bright red color on and was flabbergasted at the staying power. My Maybelline Baby Lips lasted longer than the OCC did. I wanted to love these, but I just don’t. I wanted to return them, but figured I would keep them for an opportunity like this.

Next is the Chanel Stylo Waterproof eyeliner in Ebene. This eyeliner swatches okay, even though it is not as black as I would like it to be. But as for waterproof, the claim is totally false. This smudged on me in no time, and after having the liner for about a month, it totally dried out. (Yes, the lid was on tightly!) As someone who doesn’t have any sort of oil on my face anywhere, let alone my lids, most regular formula liners don’t smudge on me. So when a waterproof one does, it immediately goes to the NFG box.

Next is a MAC lipglass in the shade Secret Identity. This was apart of the limited Wonder Woman collection, and the gloss drew me in. It is a brown shade, and I thought it would be flattering on me, since I had recently changed my hair color. Turns out, it was a gloopy, overly sticky formula (which I expect from a Lipglass, I should have known better) and the obnoxious large wand made application too finicky for me. I won`t be Back to Mac`ing this, as I like the packaging, but it is definitely a regret for me.

Another cult favorite that I regret is the DiorShow mascara. I bought this close to five years ago, and still have the tube for picture purposes. This mascara is so dry, and never lived up to the hype for me. To clumped on me, and the formula only got worse over time. Pass!

Last is a product that hurts me the most. And I will say, this is partly my fault as well. NARS gloss in Super Orgasm. The shade of this gloss is pretty, but the wear of it kills me. I get about 30 minutes with the product on, but then I am left with residual gold glitter on my bare lips. Almost to the point of being gritty. I can`t stand the way this feels on my mouth, and I still want to try a cream formula with no shimmer. I also had a problem with the way this gloss smells. Yuck! If it`s going on my mouth, it better smell nice, or have no smell at all.

These are just 5 of the products I have regretted buying … do you guys have any major regrets?



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