New Obsession: MAC brush #163

Hey chickas – What’s shakin? I have a new obsession. I recently went to MAC to pick up some shadows to make a palette, and I randomly came across this brush. Little did I know that when I picked him up and took him home, it would change my life. (I’m talking about a makeup brush – not the boyfriend!) The MAC 163 Flat Contour Brush, is a new (and I hear limited edition brush back in 2012, but was brought back permanently due to high request!) brush that is meant to be used with the MAC Sculpting Creams. I however, have gotten most use out of it with my powder bronzers, and contour powders. I have also been known to put down a highlight powder with this bad boy.(I like a strong highlight!) I think this would be an amazing brush to use with cream bronzers, such as the Soleil de Chanel, and the Sonia Kashuk cream bronzer. It will have the tendency to drag products around, so I wouldn’t recommend blending with it.

A few things I love about this brush are: It doesn’t have an obnoxiously long handle. I prefer my brushes to be a little smaller than some, as some of the ones (especially from Sephora) are just way too long. They take up so much room and are horrible to travel with. The bristles are extremely dense, and they put down a ton of product, which I love for contouring. I do like to blend with a slightly fluffier brush, but as for placement, this can’t be beat! It’s definitely not the softest brush around, but it is by no means scratchy.

This brush might not fit in everyone’s routine. If you don’t like the look of contouring, or you don’t have the time to blend properly, this may be something to take a pass on. But as a professional makeup artist, and someone who loves the look of contouring (I sometimes strive to look like something carved into Mount Rushmore) this brush is a must have.



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