Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Gentle Face Cleansers

So, depending on where you live, you may be dealing with the winter that just won’t die like we are here in Nova Scotia. It is reeking havoc on my mental state, my wardrobe, and of course, my skin. When the weather is like this or I am feeling ultra sensitive to something, I like to go back to basics for my cleansers. Something that doesn’t overly foam or dry my skin out, but something that is strong enough to break down makeup and rinse off clean. It made me want to do a post on two very popular cleansers, that are often reviewed together, and claim to do the same thing. First, the run down on price. Purity cleanser by Philosophy comes in four sizes. 3oz for $13.00 CAD, 8oz for $26.00, 16oz for $42.00 and 24oz for $52.00. Cetaphil comes in a 8oz and 16oz size at the drugstore, and will retail somewhere between $15-$20 depending on if you can find it on sale. I believe they have a larger size at Costco as well … I have used both of these cleansers, and I will say, both of them rinse clean with no residue, I can rub both of them over my eyes with my contact lenses in with no irritation, but for me there is a huge difference in how these products actually break down makeup. I always end up having to use a makeup wipe, or some Bioderma when I use Cetaphil. Especially around my eyes. I feel like Purity actually takes my makeup off and dissolves through it, but I feel like the Cetaphil just moves my makeup around and doesn’t give me the clean skin that I get with the purity. I can also say for sure, that I end up using 2-3 times more product when I use the Cetaphil, which for me, doesn’t make it worth the savings. I would rather spend a little more money and get a product that does the job with the first try! I also love the Purity cleanser with my Clarisonic. They are perfect partners! Fancy wins this week!


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