Sabah’s very first Empties Post!

Here is my first empties post folks! This is very odd for me for two reasons. One, I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to cosmetics and I rarely finish one because I’m too anxious to try something else. Second reason is because this is my trash. I actually dug it out of my trash because Sara told me it was a waste to throw out such good empties. So here we go….


Body Shop Shower Gels for Earth Lovers: I loved the smell of this product. I’m really into early smells without coming out smelling like a salad. The problem I had with this was it had a weird consistency. Admittedly I got it on clearout, I spent my entire shower wondering if it could have gone bad, and it claimed to be earthy so there might not be any preservatives in it that would keep it from getting dodgy for the next 17 years. Therefore I threw it out while it was still pretty full because I lived in a constant state of worry that it would come in contact with my lady bits and I’d get an infection.

Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask: Again with the earthy smells. Love that. This product did have an expiry date which I think worked to my advantage. I made sure to get through it before that date when I would typically just bounce around all my face masks before tiring of it and throwing it out. I will say I find it really odd to keep this in the fridge next to my Grapefruit Perrier water and butter. The product did a really nice job of exfoliating without feeling too rough or harsh. I’ll totally get another lush mask again though I would like to try something different.

Philosophy Body Wash in Cinnamon Buns: These are great. I love the smaller sizes that come in kits because as stated earlier I don’t typically have the attention span for a full size. Philosophy does a great job of making body washes that smell great but don’t linger too long and mess with any fragrances you may wear.

Bioderma: If you’re reading a beauty blog and don’t know about Bioderma please seek medical attention because there is obviously something wrong.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush: I don’t use a lot of dry shampoo because I don’t really ever need it. My hair never gets greasy or limp. I more use it to counteract when I get a bit aggressive with hair oils. I love Batiste but wouldn’t get this one again because I wasn’t much for the smell.

Biotherm Skin Vivo Serum and Day Cream: You’ll notice that I peeled the label off the serum so I could monitor my progress on finishing it. This is a big deal, I loved it so much I wouldn’t just throw it out while there was still product left. I loved the smell and it was hydrating enough that at times I would actually forget to add a moisturizer on top. I loved both of these and will likely buy them again. I will also add that I had the night cream as well and I bombed through it without mercy and was through it a while ago.


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