Introducing: Lise Watier Summer Collection! Almira’s got your first look!

Hey everyone!

One of the perks of working in cosmetics is that we get to go to the beauty and make-up schools of the lines that our particular store carries. A colleague and I were lucky enough to be sent to attend the Lise Watier school at the Four Points Sheraton last week. In schools, there would be a trainer to talk about how the brand is doing and to review some concepts and of course talk about new products. I have had experience with the trainer, Chelsea Chute (picture below), in the past and she was absolutely wonderful! Lots of new information about new products, both skin care and makeup. However, nothing makes my bones shiver than when she presents the new limited edition collections. I asked her permission to talk about it in this blog and she said it would be no problem.

The 2014 Summer Collection is launching with stunning colours!!! This will have to be a 2-part blog because I won’t be able to predict the lasting power of any products yet, as it’s not available to be purchased and tried. But of course, I have to give you all a sneak peek on some of them (all of which are limited edition)
* Palette Eden Tropical
* Eden Tropical Bronzing Powder
* Hydra Kiss Color Balm
* Satin Crème Blush (most excited about!!!)
* 24 hr gel eyeliner (close second!)
* Nail Laquers

I’ve attached some pictures for you to see how they would look but pay close attention to the satin crème blushes that I have swatched on my hand.

From left to right: Satin Crème blush in Coral Paradise, and Rose Eden, then Hydra Kiss Color Balm in Rose Eden, and Coral Paradise.

From left to right: Satin Crème blush in Coral Paradise, and Rose Eden, then Hydra Kiss Color Balm in Rose Eden, and Coral Paradise.

I cannot believe how pigmented they were even if I didn’t swirl my finger around in the pot before swatching it. It’s a creamy application but dries quick for a powdery finish. It is also very easily blendable and you could control it to what kind of “blush intensity” you prefer. Sara, Sabah and I are very excited to get them in the store and play with them! Like I said, there would have to be a second part of this blog so I can show you how it looks when I’ve applied it on my face! J That’s it for now, super excited for new collections!

How about everyone else? Any exciting summer collections you are looking forward to?



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