Fancy vs Frugal Friday: Cream Blushes!

I go through phases with makeup – sometimes I love a full coverage liquid, and times (like now) all I want is a foundation powder that feels like nothing on my skin. That’s the beauty of makeup, there are so many choices and you can really match your products up to the way you are feeling. For the last little while, I have been in a cream blush obsession. I love the dewy look it leaves on the cheek, and I love to throw them in my purse to dab on my cheeks mid day when I need a pick me up. After all the craze online, I picked up one of the new Maybelline cream blush sticks, and quickly fell in love. Then, on a shopping trip with Sabah, we found the Guerlain spring collection bubble blushes. This blush is beautiful, it felt so creamy and the packaging was very cute. (the only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the clear top on the Guerlain) At first glance, both of these blushes swatch beautifully. The true difference truly comes in when you blend them out, and also when it comes to wear time. The Guerlain blush nearly disappears when you blend it on the cheek, and the pigment that is left, only lasts on the cheek for two to three hours tops. The Guerlain blush does look nice on the cheek, if you build it up enough, but the too sheer pigment, and the fact that it has such a short life span on the cheek is a definite negative. As for the Maybelline, it blended out like a dream, and lasted much longer on the cheek throughout the day. And the price difference just doesn’t justify the fancy purchase! (Guerlain comes in at $48.00 CAD and the Maybelline blush sticks are $12.99 CAD) Frugal all the way this week!

Maybelline on right, Guerlain on left.

Maybelline on right, Guerlain on left.

After blending, Maybelline on left, Guerlain on right.

After blending, Maybelline on left, Guerlain on right.


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