Review: Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation

I picked up a new foundation awhile ago, and I have been trying it out using a few different application methods, and wanted to let you guys know what I thought. Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation retails for $66.00 CAD for a 0.63oz jar. What drew me into this at Sephora was the sleek packaging, and also the claims. Right on the display in bold letters, it boasted to be a full coverage foundation, and free of mineral oil. Intrigued, I swatched the product on the back of my hand, and the coverage was serious. Any veins, or discoloration was completely covered.
I hummed and hawed over the price, knowing damn well that the last thing I needed was a new foundation, but it kept calling my name. I used the touch screen in Sephora to look up the reviews, which were mixed, and I still wanted to try it. The girl working offered me a sample, which I thought would be great, but when I realized that she was going to scoop some out of the tester jar I was so grossed out I stopped her. Getting a sample of something from an airless pump tube is one thing, but a jar!? Side note – Don’t get samples like that. It’s so gross! God knows how many hundreds of people had their fingers in that jar, and just think about what was on all of their hands. And you’re going to go home and put that on your face? Gag me! I was so grossed out that I actually did their survey and complained. That’s also why the testers there are so nasty, because they are used for sampling. Gross. Me. Out.

Anyway- Back to the review, I just had to rant on that for a minute. I left the store, and was back the next day to purchase. My hesitation came from thinking it would dry my skin out however, there are hydrating ingredients in this foundation like amino acids, and coconut water. Also, it ends with a powder finish, and would take away my need for using a separate powder.

When I got the foundation home, I first tried to apply with a beauty blender. I wasn’t too happy with the result, because I felt like the damp sponge wouldn’t allow the product to settle to it’s powder finish. Next time I used it, I used a dry regular sponge, and that was better, but I was concerned about the sponge eating my $66.00 foundation. So the third method I tried, was spot applying it on the skin first, and then buffing it out with the Sephora mineral foundation brush. This was definitely the winner for me. The coverage was only OK, the finish looked very natural, and this foundation does not cling on my dry patches. Also, no breakouts since I’ve added this into the routine.

If I had to give this foundation a rating out of 5, I would settle on a 3. It doesn’t translate with as much coverage on the face as I would like it to, and as beautiful as the packaging is, there will always be a battle with bacteria.

A great thing about Marc Jacobs foundations, is the color range. He has an amazing color selection, and he is even better at describing the colors. If you look on the Sephora website, he will suggest shades based on your tone, and undertone. My shade (26 Bisque Medium) is for light complexions, with beige undertones. He got it spot on, and without trying it on my face (for fear of skin infection from the gross tester!) I got a perfect match.

I say, if you are into mousse foundations, and like a powder finish, you will probably like this foundation. It hasn’t by any means been life changing, but I like it enough not to return it!

I am so curious about the Marc Jacobs line! What do you guys recommend?



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