Fancy vs Frugal: Pressed Pigment Eyeshadows!

I am super excited for this Fancy vs Frugal Friday, because this is honestly one of the best dupes I have seen in a long time. Same color, same size, same packaging, very different price. L’Oreal La Couleur Infalliable Shadow in 009 Permanent Kaki (They spelled Kaki wrong, not me!) which retails for $11.99 CAD, for a 3.5g pot. And then we have Lancôme Color Design Infinite in 502 Absolute Jade. This retails for $29 CAD for the same 3.5g pot.

These products are so similar, the only difference is one is in a square pot and one is in a circle pot. They are both a pressed pigment shadow, and come with the same black press to keep the product intact.


Swatched out, these products are so similar in texture, pigmentation and blend-ability. Honestly, if someone swatched both of them, I wouldn’t be able to tell which the high end one was. (And trust me, we played this blind game with a few swatches of different shades that we have. I guessed more often than not that the L’Oreal was the more expensive product)


I have worn these both for an entire day, and they held up exactly the same. I am blown away at how close these are, and I am almost convinced they are the same product in a different package. (Similar to the Bourjois Foaming Cleanser and the Chanel Foaming Cleanser! Those products are made in the same factory, come out of the same machine, and are put into two different bottles.)

Anyway, after testing these products out, they are both so incredible, and I had no problem with either brand. It’s honestly a tie. BUT – When Fancy vs Frugal-ing, if the products are the same, obviously I am going to go for the cheaper one, and put my money elsewhere! L’Oreal Wins! Seriously you guys, these products are twins!


I also did some research, and found some other amazing color dupes between these two brands:

102-Timeless Taupe (Lancôme) – 033 Tender Caramel (L’Oreal)
101 Eternal Gold (Lancôme) – 027 Goldmine (L’Oreal)
100 Continuous Cream (Lancôme) – 016 Coconut Shake (L’Oreal)
602 Forever Noir (Lancôme) – 014 Eternal Black (L’Oreal)

Try these L’Oreal shadows if you haven’t yet, they are so amazing!!


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