Kleenex Hand Towels … Beauty Tool of the year?

Recently I watched a YouTube guru talk about Kleenex hand towels. I thought that she was ridiculous, that it was something completely unnecessary. Then she said, your face is only as clean as the towel you use to dry it. And then the record scratched and my world moved a bit. I basically had skincare vertigo. I had come to the horrid conclusion that I was in fact a complete dirt bag. The next day I bought the hand towels and they are doing a great job of drying my face after I cleanse and clarisonic at night. I may have mentioned before that I have issues with washing my face at night because the sensation of water dripping down my arm makes me want to vomit, weird I know. These towels can be used to get a lot of the cleanser off when used damp. I really like these, and I will admit to basically accosting Sara when I thought she used my last one without telling me. I’m not saying it’s something to end a friendship over but it was something to hold a grudge about and set up a situation where she finds herself without Shiseido cotton. Amidst plotting my revenge she convinced me she hadn’t done it and it was likely my three year old nephew. And he holds no such attachment to Shiseido cotton or Kleenex hand towels. So don’t be a dirt bag folks, get some of these puppies and try to smother all guilt about waste and damage to the environment.




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