Sabah’s newest BB … Dior!

I struggle with what I like to call shiny flake tight face with redness and the occasional blemish. My skin is complicated and hard to describe and deal with. Right now I’m working under the premise that I may have thrown it off fighting my natural shine with mattifying products. I was drying out my skin causing the flakes. So, I’ve been trying to stop using super heavy products without sacrificing my all-important coverage. Enter Dior, I’ve been visiting and playing with this product for about a year before I finally bought it. It is everything I thought it was in terms of coverage and easy application. I really like it except for one tiny miniscule issue. It makes me look like someone was picking at my face with an ice pick. I don’t usually complain about my pores, they’re average size but this product settles into them in the oddest places making them look gigantic. This can be counteracted by using a primer but I don’t typically use a primer. If I’m using nothing more than a BB cream I’m unlikely going to add a primer. It’s a bit of an issue for me, but I really like the product and I’m willing to overlook the crater face that occurs close to my ears.




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