Fancy vs Frugal Fridays: CC Creams!

AA, BB, CC, DD …. I find it hard to sing the alphabet only using the letters once, because in cosmetics lately, it’s all about the double letters. AA for anti-aging, BB for Beauty/Blemish Balms, CC for color correction … Previse Skincare will be launching the first known (to me at least) EE (Extra Exfoliation) cream this month, but today let’s just pick one to focus on! Let’s C what’s up with CC creams. (Shameless plug for the letter C, I couldn’t help myself!!)

The two I decided to test against each other are Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream, SPF 30 ($50.00 CAD), and Neutrogena Healthy Skin CC cream, SPF 30 ($17.99 CAD). The claims on these two are similar, but the Smashbox offers a little something special. They claim this will deliver 5 benefits. Prime, perfect, protect, hydrate and remove excess surface oil. Plus, this product also has skincare benefits to it, and promises to reduce the look are dark spots. (Dark spots are the new wrinkles after all!)

Neutrogena claims it’s CC cream will even, brighten, smooth, and reduce the look of dark spots. Now don’t be confused. This does not mean it has skincare properties. This simply means it is a tinted product that will help to even the skin tone out. (Which mostly anything will do, even a tinted moisturizer will help slightly!)

I have tried these two for as long as I could, which was not long where Neutrogena was concerned. I had such a quick reaction to this product, resulting in tiny white heads all along my jawline, and a rash like texture on my cheek. I gave it three uses, and woke up with the same reaction everytime. After the third try, and knowing I hadn’t introduced anything new to my skin other than this, I cut it off and gave it to Danah. We will keep you posted on her thoughts of it. Besides the application, I thought the product looked okay on the skin, definitely nowhere near the coverage of the Smashbox, and it was quite shiny. That is something that is normally welcomed on my drier than anything skin, but this was just too much.

The Smashbox is a clear winner for this week, the application was smooth, the coverage was great, and the SPF and treatment properties are worth the extra money in my opinion.

What are your favorite CC creams?



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