Holy Grail Alert! Clarins High Definition Body Lift!

Unfair fact of the day: Thin girls have cellulite too. It’s a total myth that heavier women are the only ones who suffer with this. There are women out there that are 250lbs and have not one dimple near their bum or their upper thighs. (And after seeing Beyoncé’s video for Partition, I don’t think she has any either … and that girl is bootylicious!) Anyways, I was never one to use Body Shaping Products. I have used some products from Biotherm, and some from Lancôme, and way back in the day I remember applying the Nivea cream for cellulite, and I never saw any sort of result. Then, I went to a Clarins seminar, and was given the new High Definition Body Lift. This is a 200ml bottle that retails for $65 CAD. You may have seen this product before, it was a very pale pink gel with red beads in it, and it did pretty well in stores. After finding more advanced technology, the company decided to reformulate, repackage, and relaunch the new High Definition Body Lift. This stuff is absolute gold in a bottle. I am on my third bottle, and I am absolutely positive that I see visible results while using this product. My first a-ha moment with it, was after I finished my first bottle. I noticed after a few weeks that my upper thighs and underneath my bum were very dimpled. It was the dreaded orange peel effect. I quickly repurchased, got back on the bandwagon, and soon had more smooth skin that looked more toned and firm.

This product feels like liquid spanx. You apply it, and get an immediate tightening sensation, and it also feels very cool. I have been known to apply this on my legs after a long day of standing on my feet, it really feels soothing to me. It does come with a recommended massage technique, which is outlined in the pamphlet, or you can visit http://int.clarins.com/Body-Lift-Cellulite-Control/C020301014,en,pd.html to see the application method. At first I found it a little strange, because they recommend starting at the ankles and working your way up. Now, I have my fair amount of cellulite, but I think my ankles are okay. I understand it’s all about micro circulation, but none the less, I now only apply the product above my knees, to my waist. I make sure I shower first and use my exfoliating gloves to start the circulation, and when I get out of the shower I apply the cream in circular motions, and then use a rubber massage mitt that I got from the Body Shop. This really helps you to get a slightly more aggressive massage, and it really gets the blood moving. The goal is to break up the fat cells, and keep everything moving around. Clarins High Definition Body Lift works on early cellulite to prevent it from forming, and it also works on stubborn cellulite that has been sticking around for awhile.

This product has made me an actual body shaping product junkie, and I will continue to try other creams, but this is by far the best thing I have found so far, and I can’t imagine something giving me more results, without some surgical process!

I am going to be using this full force along with my self tanner, preparing for spring and summer 🙂 Bye Bye Dimples!



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