It’s a brow’ time!!

Benefit has got to be one of my favorite makeup brands. Not only do I consider their makeup products vanity display worthy, but the products themselves are great. Not about to be less than amazing, Benefit launched a new brow product that is currently rocking my world. Gimme Brow, is a volumizing brow gel with fibres that adhere not only to hair, but to skin, to build volume and define those brows of yours. This product is absolutely perfect for those who have very little brow hair, or who have longer brows that tend to get out of hand. It gives you the control of a typical clear brow gel, but it has the added bonus of being tinted. The formula comes in two shades, Light/Medium for you blonde or grey haired ladies, and medium deep for you brunettes. I do recommend that gals with red color to their hair, opt for the Benefit Browzing’s in medium, as that has more of an auburn tone. The tiny little brush makes this product a breeze to apply, and I usually find myself doing it while doing something else. (Brushing my teeth, steeping my tea etc!) It makes getting ready in the morning a cinch, and I am completely obsessed with this stuff. It’s buildable, so you can get a very natural looking brow on those days that you aren’t wearing a lot of other makeup, but you can build it up to get a nice defined brow with a smokey eye.




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