Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Summer Fragrances

We all know already that I have a serious problem with packaging. It sways my purchasing choices in a ridiculous way. If they package it correctly, I will be there with my wallet open. Marc Jacobs must know this about people. His fragrance bottles make me want to arrange them on a crystal platter and dust them all day err’ day. His two limited edition summer fragrances are no exception. The fact that he added in my favorite color of all time, (teal!) was enough for me to fall in love before I even picked the bottle up and sprayed it.

Daisy Delight, is a new spin on the 2007 classic fragrance, Daisy. The top notes of Daisy Delight start with apple, quince flower and freesia. The middle notes are iris, gardenia and peony. And after a bit of wear time, you will end with notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood. This is a 50ml bottle that retails for $79.00 CAD. Those are the technical facts about the fragrance. The fun facts are, the liquid is an aqua green color, and can we talk about the colors of the flowers on the top!? Perfection.

Daisy Eau so Fraiche Delight is quite different, starting with pink pepper and white tea, with middle notes of blood orange, Tahiti flower, violet, raspberry and apricot. This fragrance will end with a subtle trail of musk and amber. The liquid is pale pink, and the flowers are just as delightful (pun intended) as the original. This bottle will be a 75ml size and retails for $89.00 CAD.

Both of these are Eau de Toilette concentrations, so they will be a perfect fragrance to pick up for Spring and Summer. Let’s just take a minute and gaze at these bottles. They are going to love their new brothers and sisters when I take them home.

Who wants to see a post of my fragrance collection!?



One comment

  1. Oh Sara…you are just feeding my meter for my fragrance addiction! Well written post once again! And I would love to see your collection of fragrances 🙂

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