Elizabeth Arden Summer 2014 Summer Escape Collection

I think one of the smartest things that makeup companies do, is release limited edition products, in limited edition packaging. There is something so exciting about packaging that you know will be gone forever within a few months. So, when Elizabeth Arden launched their 2014 Summer Escape collection, I was all over it. Being the girl who is obsessed with the ocean, this one struck me hard. The whole collection is inspired by the ocean, and has a very nautical look. And, the boxes alone make me want to buy everything. The collection exists of two gloss sticks, three cream shadows, a highlighter stick, a dual ended eyeliner, two bronzers, and a limited blue mascara. In a nut shell, the star products for me are the gloss sticks, the cream shadows, and the dual ended liner. The colors of the liner are incredible. A beautiful pearly highlight shade, paired with a true navy shade. It’s so hard to find a navy liner that’s not too blue, and doesn’t come off as black on the eye. This one is a winner. The highlight stick will be for your true shimmer junkie, and the bronzers as well have quite a shimmer content to them. The cream shadows are beautiful, and totally buildable. The blue shade called “overboard” actually inspired me to start wearing blue eyeshadow again. The gloss sticks feel incredible on the lip, and the pinky shade is perfect for me. Just have a look at the packaging of this collection in stores, and be sure to pick something up before it’s swept up and taken away!

I took some pictures of this collection, but they didn’t turn out as planned, the lighting wasn’t working for me! I did find this one online though, but you really need to see this collection in person!


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