Meet the Benefit Box o’powder Family!

Benefit boxed blushes are so important to me and my makeup collection. The mix of amazing packaging and cute names, along with the actual product being amazing as well, is the perfect thing to fuel my cosmetic addiction. Rockateur, Hervana, Hoola, Coralista, Bella Bamba, Dallas, Dandelion, and Sugarbomb are the current members of the boxed blush family. If you read an earlier post of mine, you know that Bella Bamba will be discontinued in the near future. (Picture me with my head in a bucket of wine, sobbing… That’s how big of a deal it is!) The only two blushes that have already been discontinued are Georgia and Throbb, and they were just as beautiful as the rest. These boxes boast incredible pigment, great lasting powder, and some of the most durable packaging I’ve had. Not that I’m recommending that you drop these daily, but I’ve never had one crack or shatter on me!

I love something about each of these blushes! Dandelion is one of my favorites for those days where I want a super natural, subtle pink cheek. Rockateur is also a great one when you want a softer look. Bella Bamba is for days that you want your cheeks to make a statement, and Dallas is a plummy shade that is incredible as an all over glow powder, and it looks surprisingly natural as a contour shade on my NC20 complexion. Sugarbomb is a travelers dream, with four separate shades that can double as eyeshadows, and Hervana is an incredible matte color that will give your cheek that just in from the cold flush. Hoola is the contour lovers dream, being a totally matte bronzer with a great brown-y undertone, and Coralista is a phenomenal shade with a built in highlight!
Another plus with these blushes is, the little brush that comes in each one, is actually quite useful as a contour brush. It’s perfect to chisel out your cheekbones and under your jawline.

I will continue to purchase every box blush that Benefit launches, it’s become a really fun tradition for me, and I can’t imagine having a collection that’s not complete!


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