Fancy vs Frugal Fridays: Eyebrow Kits!

If there is one thing that can change your face, make it look 10 years younger, and give a facelift affect, it is your brows. Everyone needs to fill their brows in. I don’t care if you have the bushiest, darkest brows, they can still benefit from some shaping and defining. This Fancy vs Frugal Friday is going to put two very similar brow kits to the test. First up is Benefit, with their Browzings kit, which includes a tinted brow wax, and a brow powder, plus a small angled brush, a blending brush, and a small pair of tweezers. (All which I have lost, not too upset about it, the tweezers were more frustrating than anything to work with!) This kit retails for $36 CAD, and honestly, I like this product. I have it in the shade medium, and I have used it quite a bit! The wax is very smooth, and not obnoxious or overly waxy looking on the brow, and the product lasts all day on my brows. My only complaint, is the powder is definitely a warmer brown. I think it would be very suitable for people with reddish or auburn colored hair. Then we have ELF with their Eyebrow Studio Kit. This retails for $3.00, and is almost identical to the Benefit. It does only come with one double sided brush, but like I said before, I prefer to use my own brush, and I don’t really have any use for the tweezers in the Benefit kit. The color of this brow kit works way better for me. It is a cooler brown, and looks much more natural with my hair color. (Both of these brow kits are in the shade medium!) I have no problem with the product lasting until the end of my day, and the wax is also of a very high quality. Given the price difference of these products, I am going with Frugal this week for SURE! The ELF will ensure your brows are naturally filled, and the wax will ensure they will stay in place and keep their shape until you are ready to take it off. This is a total win in my books, and even though the Benefit is a great product, I just can’t justify the $33 price difference!

Benefit Browzings (Left) Swatched on Top ELF Studio Brow Kit in Medium (Right) Swatched on bottom

Benefit Browzings (Left)
Swatched on Top
ELF Studio Brow Kit in Medium (Right)
Swatched on bottom

What do you guys use to fill your brows in?


One comment

  1. The elf one is absolutely amazing, I’ve hit pan on mine this morning. Imagine how much you need to use a brow product to hit pan! I’ll be needing another one for sure.

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