My Name is Almira and I am also a beauty addict …

Hello loves! This is my first ever blog post and of course it will be in my other other half, Sara’s girlmetblush blog. My name is Almira and I work with Sara and Sabah in cosmetics as well. I will be constantly referred to as the little Asian girl in both real world and their blogs, indeed I am, as I am a little Filipino girl. I am writing this because after reading and learning from numerous blog posts I got enticed into sharing my experiences with you all because who’s to know, someone might benefit from the things I have to share.

It wasn’t until 2 years ago when my obsession with beauty products started. Of course I’ve used some before, but not to this extent. Because of work, I’ve learned to love and try hundreds of products and even help others because of this knowledge. I also have wonderful friends who have been fuelling the obsession, purchase by purchase. To sum up: I love everything to do about make-up and skincare. I love buying, trying, and talking about everything I’ve used on my face. I have also been referred to as the princess of highlighters (more to come on that) and I’ll be open to answering any of your highlighting questions. I also have oilier and darker skin than they do so my reviews would be slightly different and maybe some of you can relate to me.

That’s all for now, I just wanted to introduce myself, more to come about the products that I’ve tried later! Happy Reading!

photo by Giacomo Bruno

photo by Giacomo Bruno



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