Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Kit: Gel Manicures at home!

I have never been one to always be painting my nails. I envy the girls who seem to have perfectly polished nails in all different colors at all times. I often wonder what the hell these women do for a living if they have that much time to commit to their nails alone. Anyway, a few years ago I got a Shellac manicure done, and I was so impressed with how long it lasted without chipping. The only reason I had to take it off was because my nails grew, and I ended up with a space of bare nail underneath my polish color. So when Sally Hansen launched their at home gel manicure set, I was immediately interested. I picked one up and have used it a few times, and I am super happy with the results! Here is how it works!

Sally Hansen Gel top coat, base coat, Quo gel polish, acetone remover, and the LED lamp.

Sally Hansen Gel top coat, base coat, Quo gel polish, acetone remover, and the LED lamp.

Taking one of the Nail Cleansing Wipes that come in the kit, clean your nails off, after filing them to desired shape. Apply a THIN layer of the base coat to the first four fingers on the first hand. This is important, you want to do everything in thin layers, or else you’ll end up with half inch thick, acrylic looking nails. They recommend to start with the four fingers on the hand, and then move on to the thumb. Also, to finish one hand completely, and then move on to the next.

Once you apply the base coat to the first four fingers, you will place them under the lamp and press the white button on the top. This will cure the gel for 30 seconds, and the light will go off automatically. Then apply base coat to thumb, cure, and then move onto color polish on the fingers. You have the option of one or two coats of color, always remembering to cure the nails under the lamp in between coats. I usually go for two, as I think the color looks more even. After the color you can move on to a thin layer of top coat. As always, cure the nails in the lamp after applying the top coat to the first four fingers, and then the thumb.

Now comes the best part. Take the nail cleansing wipe that you used to clean your nails at the starts, and wipe your entire nail off. This will take away any tacky residue, but will not mess your nails up, as there is ZERO drying time with this stuff. That’s what sold me. If I have a take a few more steps in order to get dry-free nails, I am totally up for it.

A few tips: 1.) Always use super thin layers of this stuff. As stated before, you will end up with some wonky looking nails if you are heavy with the product.
2.) If you feel like your nails are heating up a bit while under the lamp, that is completely normal. The thicker the layer of polish, the more heat you will feel.
3.) Do NOT get this on the skin. If you do, simply wipe away with acetone before curing, and this will prevent the polish from peeling away from the skin, resulting in a shorter lifespan for your manicure!
4.) Make it a night with your girlfriends, and have fun but do not consume copious amounts of wine before this process. Layers of polish seem to get thicker the more you drink …
5.) I have used different polishes from different lines with my lamp. For example, I am using the Sally Hansen base and top coat, with a Quo gel polish. As long as the polish is compatible with an LED lamp, you are fine, this will broaden your color options! Sally Hansen just launched a new line of some awesome colors. Even one that looks similar to my beloved Pacific Blue!
6.) Also important to me, was that I could fit my toes inside of the lamp. I can! So you can use this kit to do gel pedicures as well, which will be awesome in the summer and for vacations!

This kit retails for about $75.00 CAD, and it is totally worth it in my opinion. That would be probably two trips to the nail salon for me, and you get enough product in the kit to do 10 complete manicures. This is a must have for Spring and Summer …



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