Fancy vs Frugal Fridays: Shadow Sticks

This week I have two shadow smudge sticks, that claim the same thing, but are two very different prices. We have Makeup Forever, retailing at $24.00 and we have Annabelle, retailing at $8.99. Both of these claim to be water resistant, and can be used as a shadow base, a liner, or a full on eyeshadow stick. I have worn both of these on my eyes several times, and I got pretty into the waterproof claim, and swatched both of these on my abdomen before taking a much needed bubble bath. The results of this one actually shocked me. As you guys may or may not know, a lot of synchronized swimmers wear Makeup Forever products while in the pool, because they are completely waterproof. I don’t imagine they are using these eye sticks because mine did not hold up at all. That being said, it was a pretty extreme test. But if a product claims to do something, I expect it to do it. Especially from a higher price brand. On the eye, I had a slight amount of smudging and a tiny bit of creasing. Not a horrible result, but the Annabelle did not budge on my eyes. This product did not move on my eye, and looked like the exact same swatch after my bubble bath. I will say, the Makeup Forever did slide on just a bit more smoothly than the Annabelle, but it wasn’t a big enough difference for me to want to shell out the extra cash. These lines both have quite an extensive color range, and my choice this week is definitely going with the Annabelle. Whether it be used as a liner or an eyeshadow base, or even on it’s own, this product held it’s own, and for $8.99 you can afford two shades as opposed to one of the Makeup Forever.

Swatches on Left Hand side: Annabelle on top, Makeup Forever on bottom.

Swatches on Left Hand side: Annabelle on top, Makeup Forever on bottom.

Frugal wins this week!



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