Haul Post: Brand new goodies!

Every once in awhile, a girl just needs to go out and spend an unjustifiable amount of money on makeup and skincare. I try to be more disciplined in other areas of my life (such and clothes and .. food) because when it comes to makeup, all bets are off. I hit a few stores today and wanted to show you guys what I picked up!

First I went to Sephora, and as usual, the Yves Saint Laurent wall was calling my name. These guys know how to package products, and as we all know, packaging matters to me. Sometimes I will overlook flaws in a product because of their packaging. Anyway, I picked two items, Le Teint Touché Éclat foundation in BR30, and a Rouge Vouplté lipstick in shade number 9. The YSL lipsticks have some of the best packaging in the industry, and made it into a previous post of mine, about lipsticks that I bought for the packaging.

Then I headed to my mecca, otherwise known as the Beauty Boutique of Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up a few things. I needed another Porefessional, as mine is going to finish very soon, and the new packaging for this product is way cuter than the old! This stuff is incredible, I love it, especially when I am not wearing foundation, but I just want to even out my skin tone and reduce some redness. I also got a new eye cream, because my Bobbi Brown is hitting pan rapidly, and this girl cannot be caught dead without an eye cream. It is the Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream, and I love that it has a pump on the packaging. I am tired of sticking my fingers in a jar all the time. Also, I just found out today that my beloved Shiseido Wrinkle Resist24 eye cream is being discontinued. So here`s hoping this one can fill it`s shoes!

On my way out, I spotted a Got2b product that caught my eye, it`s a volumizing powder and meant to give a ton of body to your roots. I have used the hair potion by Aveda before and I hope this one works the same way! Then, I picked up one of the new Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms, in Standout. I used this one right away in the parking lot, and I love it! It might become my new favorite red. They`re matte, but not drying in the least!

Those are the new additions to my collection, looking forward to using them, and let me know if you guys want me to review any of them!

Have a great day!



  1. I use osis volume powder for back combing and it’s amazing, so I would be interested to hear a review on this one as its less than half the price. Slightly jealous of your haul. Xx

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