Product Empties: Thoughts, and would I repurchase?

I am a very avid watcher of YouTube, and some of my favorite videos to watch are empties videos. It gives you a chance to get some mini reviews, and the answer to the golden question … Would you repurchase this product?
I have been collecting my products as I go through them, and wanted to show you what I’ve used up!

1.) Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara: This mascara died on me, and I have to say, I do miss it. I have been trying some serious misses, in an attempt to try new things, when all I really want to do is go back to my Lancôme Hypnose that I know won’t fail me. If any of you find that your eyes get irritated with mascara, this might be a good one for you to try. Especially if you have a Gluten allergy. It is one of the only Gluten Free mascaras on the market right now!
It retails for $27 CAD and even though it was a nice mascara, I wouldn’t repurchase it over the Hypnose.

2.) Clarins Double Serum: This is actually my second empty bottle of this, and I do already have a backup for the next time I need to open a serum. I am using Lancôme Genefique right now, and I am thinking of breaking up with it to go back to Clarins. This serum was incredible on my dry skin, and gave my skin a very noticeable glow. I found myself often mixing it with my foundation, and got to the point of using four pumps day and night. A total win in my books, and like I said, I have already picked up a backup!

3.) Got 2b Rockin it Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo: This stuff did exactly what I wanted it to do. It got me through those days when I didn’t want to wash my hair, but needed some refreshing, it gave some texture and volume on clean hair, and the smell was not offensive. It does have a bit of a white cast when you apply, but it can be easily brushed out. I get this stuff on sale at Shoppers for $3.99 CAD and I would definitely repurchase! (Bonus: The nozzle didn’t get clogged on this once, like other ones have for me!)

4.) ELF Translucent Mattifying Powder: I ordered this in a ELF order what seems like forever ago .. (Probably about three years!) and I used it mainly on my eyelids and my under eyes. It did the job, and was super cheap, but I wouldn`t repurchase it again, mainly for the fact that you have to order online for this stuff.

5.) Caudalie Lip Conditioner: This product was FANTASTIC. And when I tell you why, you will probably laugh at me. I used this as a lip balm for a few nights, and it was alright. Not by any means life changing. Then one night I went to bed and I realized I forgot to apply my eye cream. I was exhausted, and my boyfriend was already asleep, so instead of getting up and waking him up, I reached on my night stand and gave myself a good dose of this around the eyes. I went to bed half expecting to wake up with an eye infection of some sort, but it was just the opposite. By morning my eyelids were no longer flaky, and felt so smooth and hydrated, this became a nightly thing for me. I used it on my lids and around my eye contour area, and when I used it to the bottom, I scooped it out with a q-tip until it was completely empty. If my eyes ever get super dry and flaky again, I will repurchase this, but not to use a lip balm!

6.) La Roche Posay Nutrics: (For very dry skin) This stuff was very good to me. It soothed my easily angered skin, and kept flakes at bay. The scent was very minimal, and it didn’t sting me at all. It also was suitable to use under makeup. At $38.00 CAD, I would repurchase this. I have a few creams to get through before I will need to shop for one, but this one would definitely be an option.

What products have you guys emptied lately!?



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