Monday Morning Rant: Volume de Chanel Mascara

Monday mornings 9 times out of 10 suck. And I am not someone who works a 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule. Sometimes I am even off on Mondays, but somehow they still are just a blah time of the week. I figured today would be a wonderful opportunity to rant about a product that I have been working with for literally months, for hope that it would magically start working. Chanel’s “Volume de Chanel” mascara. This is a super high end, pricey mascara, and I tell you I would pick Cover Girl ANYTHING over this mascara any day. It is an extremely wet formula that will weigh your lashes down, and it puts about 7 layers of mascara on at once. I have left this tube alone, hoping that it would be one of those formulas that might not be too great when first opened, but given a little time it will thicken up to a perfect texture and allow you to have amazing lashes. Negative. This stuff is still so wet, and so clumpy, I tried to use it again this morning, got angry and threw it in my trash bin. I had to fish it out to get a picture of it for you guys, but in the trash it is now. This is one of the worse products that I have used in a long time, and it being Chanel just makes it sting that much more. Save your money, this is my public service announcement, and consider yourself warned.

What are mascaras that you have tried that you absolutely hated!? Let’s help each other avoid the land mines.


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