Fancy vs Frugal Fridays: Neon Lip Balms

I am super excited about this Fancy vs Frugal. These lip products are popping up everywhere, and I was so excited to have Lancôme and Essence against each other. One of the priciest, against the cheapest. These balms are meant to give a sheer hint of color, to give that sheer, juicy lip that is so huge this year. They look terrifying when you look at the bullet, but they are very sheered out when applied. I have been trying these guys out for the past week, and there is truly a clear winner between the two.

Lancôme Baume in Love and Essence Glow Neon Glow!  (Lancôme swatch on top, Essence on bottom)

Lancôme Baume in Love and Essence Glow Neon Glow!
(Lancôme swatch on top, Essence on bottom)

As you can see from the swatches, the Lancôme is a clear winner with color. And I think with a product like this, the color pay off is everything. Let it be known that I had to swatch that Essence for three times as long on my hand just to get enough color to show in the photo. The Lancôme also feels much more comfortable on the lip. The Essence gives you that feeling of panic that you need to reapply constantly. Who else hates lip balms that dry your lips out!? The price difference for these is quite large. We have Lancôme at $30.00 and Essence at $2.99, but Lancôme wins this round. I would much rather pay the money and get that neon-inspired look on the lip, than pay $2.99 for a clear balm that will dry my lips out.

You guys need to have this Lancôme in your purse for the Spring!



  1. I’m getting to the bottom of my lancome one and I’m sad..I don’t think I can bring myself to pay that much again for lip balm.

    1. Make sure you use a spatula and de pot the rest of the lipstick once you wear it down flat! There is almost half the product down inside the tube. Put it into a cute little jar and it will last you so much longer 🙂

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