Product Fails: MAC Cleanse Off Oil

This is a hard post for me to write. There is nothing worse than falling in love, and you feel like everything is going great. You have chemistry, you’re excited to see the other after a long day at work, and then out of nowhere you get a slap in the face. They don’t feel the same way. They’ve decided to leave you in the dust, and run off with that bitch that can use anything on her face and not break out … Okay, I am getting off track. Main focus of this post is MAC Cleanse off Oil. This is a makeup emulsifier, and let me tell you, it is a total fail for me.

To start, I actually love this, and I really wanted it to work for me. I even kept using it when I knew it wasn’t working out (classic denial) and I am now left with a massive breakout as a prize. You apply this product to dry skin, and you can even rub it on your eyes, to break down your mascara. After emulsifying everything, you rinse this off, and it turns into a milky consistency. It took every smidge of my makeup off my face, long wearing foundation and all. I would then follow with my clarisonic and my foaming cleanser. My dry skin felt so good using this product. BUT – during this week, I am dealing with two massive breakouts, and I actually had to breakout my Tweezerman extractor, and I took two blackheads out of my cheek the other day. It’s mildly alarming for me, as I have such dry skin I very rarely have to deal with breakouts or blackheads, but I am always ready to deal with reactions. Frequently I will get a red rash like texture to the skin, or some mild inflammation, which can be taken care of with Avene Thermal Water, but this stuff took me to a new level. We are talking classic breakout. It’s horrible.

My take on this product, is I will never purchase again, and I will more than likely give this away, or just Back to MAC it. If you have skin that is super tolerant, and allows you to try lots of different things, this could be an amazing product for you. But if you are someone like me who reacts to quite a bit and has sensitive skin, steer clear of this oil!

Anyone with sensitive skin who has found a cleansing oil that works for them?



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