Favorite Alert: Hairspray

Everyone has beauty regrets. One of the most popular ones I hear on a daily basis, are women who slathered themselves in Baby Oil or Iodine, and baked in the sun for hours throughout their teens. Now they’re doing everything they can to get their skin back to healthy condition, and rid themselves of the spots that are left over. Even me, having gone to school for this stuff, have done things in my past I am not proud of. I completely abused my hair all through junior high and high school. It was constantly in the salt water, I slept with my hair pulled back in a tight bun most nights, and I was known for using a clothes iron more often than not to straighten my hair quickly. And of course I wasn’t using a heat protectant. (There is a lesson in here kids – always use protection)

I have a lot of hair. It’s very fine, so it can be deceiving, but as soon as you start to mess around with it, you’re sorry you did. I used to have beautiful curly hair, looking back in photos, I don’t know why I didn’t embrace it more. Now, after the years of using the iron and not really caring about the health of my hair, I am left with a frizzy wavy mess, and can’t really get away with letting my hair air dry. One of the things that is very important to me, is a good hairspray. Nobody wants dry brittle feeling hair, when their hair is dry and brittle to begin with. When I found Elnett Hairspray, my world changed. This product allows you to use as much as you want. (And I have tested this with obnoxious amounts of hairspray) without your hair feeling brittle. I thought I lost my can the other day so I immediately replaced it with another, but of course I found my first can when I brought the new one home. I wanted to empty the first can as it was on it’s last life anyway, but there was a lot more product left in it than I had originally thought. This resulted in me standing in the bathroom for about two minutes spraying my hair down. Afterwards I ran my fingers through my curls and out the door I went. My hair is always so soft when I use this hairspray, and I really feel it helps my hair not to break as much as it used to. My fallout has decreased significantly. I have tried other brands, and they frankly make my hair sticky, smelly and brittle. Yuck!


Quick tip when picking this product up … Fragrance Free. Always Fragrance Free. The other ones smell like 1960’s Talc powder, or even worse, like Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. You can get this at the drugstore for between $7.99 and $15.99 depending on what size you want. This is an absolute staple for me, and I will never be without it.



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